Car Shipping Deals and Discounts 2020

It’s no secret that auto transportation can cost a pretty penny. Whether you’re sending a timeless T-Bird to the next state or a busted Buick across the country, your wallet will feel a little lighter afterward.

To help you save money on your auto shipment, we’ve tracked down the best deals and discounts from our favorite auto transportation companies.

Auto transportation discounts

While many of the discounts on this page are offered only to people in certain demographics, anyone can take advantage of the seasonal discounts and the discounts for new and repeat customers.

Get money

Need more ways to save?

Need more ways to save?

If the deals on this page won’t work for you—or you need more ways to save money on your auto shipment—check out our tips for saving money on car shipping.

Auto transportation discounts for military members


In the military?

In the military?

If you’re a member of the armed forces and you need to ship your car for a permanent change of station, the military will almost certainly pay to ship one personal vehicle for you. To learn how it works, read our guide to shipping your car for military assignment.

Auto transportation discounts for senior citizens

Auto transportation discounts for college students

Auto transportation discounts for new customers

Auto transportation discounts for repeat customers

Seasonal discounts

Snowbird discounts (January to February and May to June)

Auto transportation FAQ

How much does it cost to ship a car?

On average, it costs about $710 to ship a car, but there are a lot of variables in that average and the range is immense. We’ve found that standard auto transportation services can cost anywhere between $280 for short-distance shipments and $2,060 for cross-country shipments.

If you’re shipping internationally or you go with deluxe services like air freight, the sky (pun intended) is the limit for how much it can cost to ship your vehicle.

But like we said, there are a lot of factors going into these prices. In addition to your route, factors like time of year, type of auto transportation, which company you hire, and the make/model of your car can all greatly affect your price.

This is why you should always get quotes from multiple companies. You’ll know how much shipping your vehicle will cost after you get a few quotes.

To learn more, read our guide to car shipping prices.

Should I use open or enclosed transport?

For most auto transportation customers, open transport is the best option. When you ship a car using open transport, you’re shipping it on an unenclosed trailer with a lot of other cars. With open transport, your car travels in a trailer with four walls, a ceiling, and only a few other cars.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key differences between the two shipment methods:

Open auto transportEnclosed auto transport
Lower costs
Less protection for your car
Faster delivery
Higher costs
More protection for your car
Slower delivery
Open auto transport
Lower costs
Less protection for your car
Faster delivery
Enclosed auto transport
Higher costs
More protection for your car
Slower delivery

The extra protection makes enclosed transport perfect for treasured collector’s vehicles, but the high prices and slower delivery times make it a poor choice for shipping commuter vehicles.

If you’re shipping a car that you drive every day or a car that isn’t worth a lot of money, then open auto transportation will work just fine.

To learn more, read our comparison of open and enclosed auto transportation.

Should I sell my car or ship it?

Car shipping isn’t cheap, but it certainly costs less than buying a new car. However, if your current ride is on its last legs and you’ll need a replacement soon anyway, you could save some money in the long run by selling your car and getting a new one after your move.

That said, there isn’t one right answer for everyone. To find the best option for your situation, read our guide about selling vs. shipping your car.

Recommended resources

Budget-hunting is just one part of successfully shipping your car. To ensure you’re ready for your auto shipment, check out these guides:

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