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How to Donate Your Used Items (and Help Someone in Need at the Same Time)

Donating your used items is better for the environment, and if you choose a charitable organization, your donations even help someone in need. We’ve made the process simpler for you by giving you the resources to understand what you should or can donate, the tax deductions you can use, and a list of where to donate specific items.

How to Downsize and Make Money before Your next Move with a Yard Sale

One thing you’ll probably realize when you move is how much stuff you actually have, most of which won’t be able to make the cut for the moving truck—which is great! You now have an opportunity for an epic yard sale on your hands. Yard sales bring people together and get your stuff in the hands of people who’ll make the most of it. Since you probably don’t hold a yard sale every day, it’s likely you’re a little rusty but don’t worry—we’ve got tips and tricks to make sure yours is a triumph.

Moving? Here’s What to Do With All Your Stuff

Moving is a time for a fresh start. Not just for your living space, but for your stuff as well. You’ve probably accumulated a lot of things in the time since you moved into your current place, and some of it — let’s be honest — has no business coming with you to the new place. Here are five steps that will help you make sure what you take with you is only what you truly want and need.

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