Most Americans Hire a Mover, Here’s Why You Should Find the Right One

Trevor Wheelwright
Feb 09, 2022
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Up to 61% of Americans are planning a move in 2022—but do they know what they’re getting into? We surveyed adults in the US to find out more about America’s moving experiences and expectations.

Moving homes may be exciting in some ways, but up to 38% of our respondents say moving is more stressful than a breakup.

To help alleviate some stress, 80% of Americans used a professional moving service (movers, packers, moving container companies, etc.)—while 20% did not. Almost all (95%) of those who hired professional movers received their belongings on time.

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Aside from the value of an experienced moving crew, using a professional service can also help eliminate some of the more common problems folks experience while moving.

For example, as many as 61% of Americans lost some of their belongings during their moving process. If you decide to get some help, we recommend finding vetted professional movers with reliable customer service.

As many as 55% of Americans say they felt their moving company scammed them—mostly because their initial quote was much less than they ended up getting charged. (Check out our tips to avoid moving scams!)

Moving costs more than Americans expect

Moving quotes vary widely, and it’s common to pay more than you expected: 70% of our survey respondents were charged more than their initial quote.

Due to things like changes in timelines, added services, and changes in home inventory, even the best moving companies may have differences in initial and final costs. But the best companies provide transparency about fees and changes in pricing to manage customer expectations.

Of those who were charged more, over half paid at least $100 or more than they were expecting. Even worse, 13% of our survey respondents paid over $1,000 more than their initial quote.

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To cover costs you may and may not expect, we advise budgeting more than you’re quoted and comparing quotes from multiple professional moving services—whether it’s a long-distance move or a local move.

Moving takes more time (and supplies) than Americans expect

Aside from the costs of moving, Americans underestimate how much time and supplies they need before moving day.

MOV_Moving Experience Survey_Graphic 3

Most people take a minimum of 15 hours to unpack, but some have spent more than a week’s worth of work getting their belongings in order. (You can avoid that work by adding on a packing service to your move.)

Over half of our respondents struggled to find moving trucks, pro movers, and packing materials. We’d say it’s worth planning a week before and after you move where you spend your free time getting things ready. And it’s worth calling weeks, if not months in advance of your move to schedule a moving service.

  • 41% said it took them 15–40 hours to pack their belongings.
  • 27% said it took them 40–80 hours to unpack their belongings.
  • 61% experienced a shortage in moving trucks during their move.
  • 64% experienced a shortage in professional moving services during their move.
  • 63% experienced a shortage in packing materials during their move.

Are you planning a move this year? Get your things in order and plan well in advance—you’ll be glad for any extra help you hire and having all your stuff ready for moving day!

Lucky for you, we’ve got all your moving needs covered:


Using a Pollfish, we conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans to learn about their moving experience. Our survey results have a margin of error of +/- 4% and a confidence level of 95%.


Proprietary survey, conducted December 7, 2021.

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