What to Expect When You Move with U-Pack— Phoenix’s Move

Frank Lanigan
May 23, 2022
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Between its high customer reviews, nationwide availability, and fast, flexible service, it’s no wonder why U-Pack is one of our favorite moving and storage container companies.

At Move.org we pay customers to share their moving experiences with companies like U-Pack with us. We were happy to hear from Phoenix, who applied for our grant and told us about her experience using U-Pack for her 1100-mile move from Lawrence, Kansas to Butner, North Carolina.

Phoenix chose U-Pack for its pricing, availability, and convenience. After a few issues with her truck reservation, U-Pack gave her around a $500 discount. The move began with only a few minor hiccups, most of which U-Pack amended, but Phoenix also encountered several scheduling and communication issues on her way to North Carolina.

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Meet Phoenix

Phoenix is a recent graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Education and a love for crafts and quirky, vintage clothes and decor. While her dream is to one day teach theater, she was accepted into the Teach for America program as a corps member with an assignment in rural North Carolina.

With help from her mom and brother, Phoenix prepared to move out of her Kansas house and into an apartment more than 1000 miles away.

For such a significant interstate move, Phoenix wanted to find a reliable, stress-free company with great reviews and strong communication throughout the moving process.


Phoenix, recent grad and future educator, moved from her home in Lawrence, Kansas to Butner, North Carolina, after receiving an opportunity from Teach for America.


At Move.org, we offer financial assistance to individuals and families who are moving in exchange for details about their experience. Their candid reviews help us provide unique, real-life perspectives about the moving process.

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Why Phoenix chose U-Pack

Phoenix’s initial quote from U-Pack was $4148. She also received quotes from U-Haul ($4096) and Penske ($3326). She ultimately chose U-Pack based on its availability, pricing, and hassle-free customer reviews. She also liked its pay-per-foot pricing system, knowing that she would only have to pay for the space she used.

Phoenix found U-Pack through an online search and was able to get a quick and easy quote on its website based on the distance of her move, moving dates, and home size. She was under the impression that the move would be as simple as the reviews suggested of the moving and storage leader.

What to expect with U-Pack—Pricing

The total cost of Phoenix’s move with U-Pack was $4220. While this was slightly higher than the initial estimate of $4148, Phoenix, her mom, and her brother realized they needed one extra foot of space on the trailer as they packed it. As previously mentioned, U-Pack offered Phoenix a $500 discount, due to issues with reserving with the trailer.

The initial estimate of 20 feet for Phoenix’s belongings was close to exact, but a few extra items pushed the load to 21 feet. U-Pack’s online quote tool was fairly accurate in this case, but if you anticipate having to add extra items, you will have to pay for the additional footage. Phoenix paid an additional $80 for the extra foot.

Pricing breakdown

Estimated space
Actual space used
Additional charges
1 x 28-ft trailer20 ft.21 ft.$80 (for extra foot of space)

Additional pricing notes: Phoenix paid by credit card after she had arrived in North Carolina on July 16. U-Pack offered a $50 discount when Phoenix asked about potential savings.

What to expect with U-Pack—Customer service

Reservation process

In the early stages of this process, Phoenix and her mom ran into issues while reserving a truck to pick up her trailer. After the reservation was confirmed, a U-Pack agent informed them that there was a scheduling issue and that the reservation was lost. A knowledgeable and helpful manager in Kansas City helped them solidify their plan and applied a $500 discount for the inconvenience in scheduling.

Ramp safety

On the day of the move, the trailer arrived at 8:30 a.m.—30 minutes ahead of schedule. When Phoenix’s brother arrived to help, he noticed that the ramp was broken and unsafe to use. When the driver returned to pick up the trailer, he told the family the company would quickly find a replacement, but the ramp didn’t arrive until around 2:15 p.m. that day.

Luckily, the trailer was scheduled to be picked up the next day, so after an early morning of moving, the family loaded the trailer and latched the bulkhead with assistance from the driver.


(Left) Phoenix’s brother helps load the trailer with his sister’s belongings. Phoenix went with U-Pack’s 1 x 28-ft trailer, which accounted for 21 feet of space for her entire load. (Right) Phoenix celebrates in her packed trailer. She and her family made sure to tie down items to prevent shifing during the drive. None of her belongings were damaged during the move.

Delivery window

Unfortunately, the issues didn’t stop there. On the way to their destination, Phoenix and her mom called the North Carolina location one business day ahead of drop-off, as they were instructed to do. The agent told them that the trailer would be dropped off the following day anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. the following day.

This massive delivery window caused some anxiety for Phoenix and her mom, as they weren’t sure when the trailer would arrive at her new apartment, though it eventually arrived at 4:00 p.m.

What we learned

The good

  • Customer service: Though there were issues in truck reservations, we were happy to hear the company did right when it applied $500 to her move. This does not always happen when reservations fall through.
  • No scratches: No damages were observed on any of Phoenix’s belongings after the 1100-mile trip.
  • Helpful staff: For the most part, the staff were very helpful in showing Phoenix and her family how to use the equipment and communicative on drop-off and pick-up times. The staff also did right by replacing the damaged ramp and rectifying the reservation mishap.

The bad

  • Damaged equipment: The ramp that U-Pack initially supplied was broken, and even though it was eventually replaced, it cost Phoenix, her mom, and her brother some valuable loading time.
  • Delivery time uncertainty: With such a long delivery window for a potential drop-off, it was hard for Phoenix to estimate when they needed to arrive to begin unloading.

Our take

Though U-Pack boasts some of the best reviews and affordability in the industry, it was clear that Phoenix’s move didn’t go as smoothly as she would’ve liked. While there were problems with the reservation process, damage to an essential piece of equipment, and uncertainty during delivery, we were relieved to hear that the staff worked through the issues and compensated Phoenix for her troubles.

If you decide to use U-Pack, keep in mind that the majority of its reviews are positive. However, if you experience issues with this company like Phoenix did, be communicative and clear with them! As in Phoenix’s case, you might receive a discount if there are consistent problems with scheduling, logistics, and communication.

While there are many options to explore when selecting a moving and storage container company, U-Pack may be a good fit for you. Start by getting a quote from its website.

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