Amazon Prime Day 2024: Essential Deals to Help You Move and Settle Into Your New Home!

Rebecca Edwards
Jul 11, 2024
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Amazon Prime Day 2024 is coming on July 16-17! Moving to a new home? This is the perfect time to score deals on items that will make your move smoother and help you settle in comfortably. Here are some must-have products and tips to make the most of Prime Day.

Find the best deals for new homes, college moves and more!

We've rounded up our best recommendations for everything from packing supplies and cheap boxes to dorm essentials and must-haves for your new home! 

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Top deals for moving and settling in

Here’s a look at some of the items we’re keeping an eye on to make moving easier and cheaper!

  • Heavy-duty moving boxes: You need heavy-duty boxes that are durable and reliable for packing your belongings. Expected price: $24.99 for a pack of 15.
  • Dolly and hand truck: A folding hand truck and dolly make moving heavy items easily. The expected price is $37.99.
  • Packing supplies kit:
    Packing essentials, including bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. Expected price: $119.99.
  • Smart thermostat
    Make your new home the perfect temperature (and save on power bills!) with a smart thermostat. Expected price: $56.99.
  • Mesh Wi-Fi system: Ensure strong internet connection throughout your new home with a mesh Wi-Fi system. Expected price: $99.99.
  • Ring Video Doorbell: Greet your new neighbors and keep your new home secure with the original smart doorbell from Ring. Expected price: $49.99.

How to make the most of Prime Day

To maximize your savings and snag the best deals, follow these tips:

  1. Make a wishlist. Save the items you want to buy to your Amazon wishlist. This way, you can quickly see if they go on sale.
  2. Set up alerts for deals.
    Use the Amazon app to set up notifications for deals on products you're eyeing.
  3. Put Alexa to work.
    Ask your Alexa-enabled device, "What are my Prime Day deals?" to discover personalized offers.
  4. Don’t forget about early access deals.
    Some deals might be available before Prime Day officially starts. Keep an eye out for these early birds!
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Tips for saving money when moving

Your bank account takes a huge hit when you're moving, so anything you can do to make it more affordable is worth trying. On top of finding deals during Amazon Prime Day sales, here are other ways to hold onto more of your hard-earned cash.

  • Plan ahead:
    Start planning your move well in advance. This gives you time to compare prices for movers, packing supplies, and other essentials.
  • Declutter before you move:
    Sell, donate, or discard items you no longer need. This reduces the amount you have to pack and move, saving on moving costs.
  • Use free or cheap packing materials:
    Collect free boxes from local stores, or use household items like towels and blankets for packing fragile items.
  • Compare moving quotes:
    Get quotes from multiple moving companies and negotiate for the best price. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts.
  • Move during off-peak times:
    If possible, schedule your move during the middle of the month or on weekdays to take advantage of lower rates.
  • Leverage Prime Day deals:
    Take advantage of Prime Day to purchase moving essentials and home setup items at a discount.

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