4 Tips For How to Move with Your Existing Internet Service

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Published on January 04, 2021
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How do I move with my internet?

There’s already so much to think about when you’re moving to a new home. With everything you might be stressed about that’s easy to see (like your furniture, utilities, and pets), it’s even harder to remember the things you can’t: your internet service.

If you already have internet service you shouldn’t have to go through the same process in your new place. Here are four easy steps you can follow to move with your existing internet service—so your home is comfortable and ready as soon as you get there.

4 steps to moving with your existing internet

Whatever your reasons are for moving (e.g., wanting a better space to work from home, relocating for a change of pace, or moving to be closer to work or family) we know how stressful moving can be. So without delay, here’s four easy steps to help you move with your internet service provider (ISP).

  1. Contact your ISP to let them know you’re moving
  2. Ask if your ISP is available in your new location
  3. See if you can take your modem and router with you
  4. Look into other ISPs if you need to

1. Contact your ISP and let them know you’re moving

The most important step here is to contact your ISP and let them know you’re going to move to a new place. Once you update your ISP, you’ll be able to let them know when you plan to move, and where you’re going.

Sometimes there’s a live chat on the website or an email you can use to contact your ISP. When possible, call and ask to speak with a representative.  To help you out, here’s a list of common ISPs and their phone numbers:

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2. Ask if your ISP is available in your new location

Every internet service provider is different. If you’re really happy with your ISP and want to keep the same one, make sure you ask if that’s possible. A representative should be able to answer your questions right away or find someone who can. Most ISPs are available in a variety of locations. Chances are you’ll be able to keep the same good old reliable ISP, even at your new place.

Heads up

Some internet companies charge a relocation fee for you to transfer your existing internet to your new place. Learn more about how to discuss relocation with your ISP and how to avoid hidden fees

3. Take your router and modem with you

Moving already means you’ll have plenty of unexpected expenses. If you’re looking to save money, bring your modem and router with you when you move (if you own them). If you’re leasing your router and modem, then you’ll have to check with your ISP if you should continue renting them. Just unplug everything and pack it in a secure box so it doesn’t get damaged.

Once you're at your new home, you can set up your router just like it was before. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly, and try to keep your router in a centralized location. (Your devices can connect to the web easier when the signal is in the middle of the house.)

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4. Look into other ISPs if you need to

If you contacted your ISP, and they don’t provide service in the area you’re moving to, don’t panic. As much as you might think it’s a hassle, you can switch to a different internet provider and still have access to great web speeds and Wi-Fi.

Here’s a few of the top internet providers to look into (just in case you can’t keep your existing internet when you move).

Internet service provider options

ISP option
Estimated price
Learn more
Viasat Viasat


Xfinity Xfinity

$19.99/mo. 2

HughesNet HughesNet


Data as of 12/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


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