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Kurt Manwaring
Feb 14, 2023
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AutoStar Transport Express is expensive: it costs about 25% on average more than its competitors. The car shipper tries to compensate with a money-back guarantee, but the extra perk doesn't quite make up for its high prices.

However, if your experience matters more than budget, keep AutoStar Transport Express in mind: customers who do pony up for the company's prices are generally pleased with its customer service.

Compare AutoStar Transport Express to its competitors on our Best Car Shipping Companies list.

How AutoStar Transport Express compares to the car shipping industry

How much does AutoStar Transport Express cost?

AutoStar Transport Express has high prices. Its average cost of $1,150 is about 25% more expensive than the competition—or around $230 per transport.

The average cost per 100 miles to ship a car with AutoStar Transport Express is $160, although prices vary depending on factors such as vehicle size, transport type, and time of year.

We asked AutoStar Transport Express to give us quotes for three vehicles across five distances on open transport and enclosed transport. The auto transport company provided pricing for 25 of our 30 requested quotes (it doesn’t offer enclosed shipping for trucks).

AutoStar Transport Express car shipping prices

2008 Dodge Charger
2011 Toyota Highlander
2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Open transport




Enclosed transport




Data as of 6/29/2020. Average cost calculated by comparing costs across five distances. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

How AutoStar Transport Express pricing compares

AutoStar Transport Express provided us with 25 quotes to ship three vehicles to five locations. We compared its responses to 300 quotes from 10 other car shipping companies and found its prices are about 25% higher than average (with a few exceptions).

AutoStar Transport Express has low prices for short distances

AutoStar Transport Express charges less than the competition for short distances. If you’re going 150 miles or less on open transport, the company is $30 cheaper than the other guys.

AutoStar Transport Express open transport prices
AutoStar Transport Express
Industry Average

150 miles




Data as of 6/29/2020. Average cost calculated by comparing costs for three car sizes. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Want low prices for a short trip?

AutoStar Transport Express is more expensive the rest of the time

AutoStar Transport is less expensive than other companies for short-distance trips only. The rest of the time, the auto carrier is a lot pricier. Its average cost of $960 for open transport is $220 higher than the competition.

AutoStar Transport Express cost factors

Car shipping prices change from day to day—and sometimes even hour to hour. AutoStar Transport Express lists a bunch of things that contribute to its fluctuating prices:

  • Vehicle type
  • Distance
  • Region
  • Route
  • Urgency

Other factors that affect car shipping prices include seasonality, transport type, and the carrier bidding process.

AutoStar Transport Express coverage options

AutoStar Transport Express uses only car carriers that have legally required insurance coverage. See the terms and conditions of your AutoStar Transport Express contract for details.

Heads Up
Watch out for fraud

AutoStar Transport Express is a legit car shipping company—but not everyone plays by the rules. Learn how to check a company’s info with the FMCSA.

AutoStar Transport Express at a glance

Company information

MC #




Broker or carrier


Carries basic insurance

Icon Yes  DarkYes

Years in business


AutoStar Transport Express features and services

pro Money-back guarantee
pro Speedy delivery
pro High-quality website
pro Solid customer reviews
con High prices
con No instant online quotes

AutoStar Transport Express has some of the fastest shipping in the business. The auto transporter advertises a long list of auto shipping services:

  • ATV transport
  • Boat transport
  • Bus transport
  • Classic car transport
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Open carrier transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Flatbed transport
  • Military transport
  • Motorcycle transport
  • Oversized vehicle transport
  • RV transport
  • Van transport
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What to know about AutoStar Transport Express

AutoStar Transport Express is expensive

AutoStar Transport Express typically costs about 25% more than other car shipping companies. The company’s prices drop below the auto transport industry average for short distances, but they’ll set you back an additional $200 the rest of the time.

Car shipping prices go up and down depending on the time of year, so if you’re not in a hurry or have flexible shipping dates, it’s worth checking with AutoStar Transport Express to see if you can get a better price later on.

Trim your costs

AutoStar Transport Express offers discounts for students, snowbirds, and members of the military. Learn more about transport deals in our guide to car shipping discounts.

AutoStar Transport Express has a money-back guarantee

AutoStar Transport Express has a money-back guarantee that sets it apart from most other companies. If you need to cancel within a five-day window stated in your contract, AutoStar Transport Express will refund your money. That’s a big deal because many companies suck you in with a fake low rate and then keep your deposit if you try to back out.

Read your contract carefully so you don’t miss your specific cancellation period.

Want a money-back guarantee?

AutoStar Transport Express has a high-quality website

AutoStar Transport Express has one of the best car shipping websites we’ve seen. From a friendly design to an easily accessible FAQ, the company goes out of its way to give you all the info you need to ship a car.

It’s also honest in its quote box that you have to wait for a rep to contact you. Most companies lead you to believe you’re about to get an instant quote and then make you wait for an email after you fork over your deets. We appreciate the way AutoStar Transport Express is honest from the get-go.

It almost makes those high prices worth considering.

FAQ about AutoStar Transport Express

What are AutoStar Transport Express reviews like?

AutoStar Transport Express reviews are slightly above average. Customers frequently praise the auto transporter’s customer service. Its average customer review rating of 4.6 is comparable to car shippers like United Routes and Nationwide Auto Transportation.

Does AutoStar Transport Express background check its carriers?

Yes, AutoStar Transport Express does background checks on its carriers. The company also requires each carrier to conduct background checks on its drivers.

Our recommendation

AutoStar Transport Express has a lot to offer. Its money-back guarantee and straightforward website demonstrate its commitment to customer satisfaction. And the company’s overall 4.6-star rating is a positive trust signal. At the same time, prices are about 25% higher than average. If saving money is a priority, you may want to consider one of our best car shipping companies.

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