First National Van Lines 2021 Review

Bottom line: With excellent customer reviews and a price-matching policy for bargain shoppers, First National Van Lines gives customers across the country a reliable and affordable way to move long-distance.

Overall rating

2.7 / 5

First National Van Lines is a nationwide moving company that facilitates full-service, long-distance moves starting anywhere in the US.

Contrary to its name, First National Van Lines isn’t actually a van line; it’s a broker. This means that the company doesn’t own or operate its own moving trucks. Instead, it outsources moving services to other companies and coordinates with them to make sure its customers get the best pricing and services available.

We didn’t rate First National Van Lines as highly as other moving companies that provide similar services, partly due to the lack of information on the company’s website. Most moving companies thoroughly describe their services online, and some even list prices, but First National provides very little info.

However, First National Van Lines’ customer service is excellent—the company’s offerings get high marks from customers across numerous online forums. Plus, First National’s price-matching policy makes it a competitive option for movers who want to get bargain rates.

Keep reading to learn more about First National Van Lines’ services and pricing.


  • Free 30 days of storage with any move
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Nationwide service area
  • Exceptional customer service


  • No local moves
  • Very little information on website
  • Lengthy quote process
  • No online shipment tracking
Blue Chat Boxes

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

First National Van Lines sometimes gets confused with First National Moving and Storage, a company that’s been reported as a scam. However, the similarities between the two companies are only name-deep. First National Van Lines’ track record is full of happy customers whose belongings made it safely from point A to point B.

How much does First National Van Lines cost?

On its website, First National Van Lines claims that customers can move for “as low as $1649,” but it doesn’t provide any context (such as mileage or weight) for what’s included in this price, and it doesn’t offer any other pricing info.

Over the phone, one customer service representative we talked to said that a 1,000-mile move for a two-bedroom home would probably cost about $4,000, but he couldn’t get more specific without a full inventory list.

This lack of information combined with First National’s lengthy quote process (more on that later) made it difficult to get firsthand information about how much First National Van Lines can cost. However, we were able to gather pricing data from First National customers.

First National Van Lines pricing (according to customers*)

Distance (miles)Price
Customer #11,716$4,300
Customer #21,549$6,000
Customer #31,025$6,000
Customer #4653$4,500
Customer #5273$3,500
Customer #1
Customer #2
Customer #3
Customer #4
Customer #5
Distance (miles) Price
1,716 $4,300
1,549 $6,000
1,025 $6,000
653 $4,500
273 $3,500

*Prices gathered from customer reviews on online forums.1,2

Customers who submitted pricing data with their reviews didn’t include any information about the weight of their shipments or the time of year they moved. Weight and seasonality are just as important as distance when determining move pricing. These numbers aren’t predictions of what your move will cost, but they can give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay.

Get money

Want to lower your price?

Want to lower your price?

First National Van Lines has a price-match guarantee, meaning that the company will match any price a competitor offers in writing for the exact same move. If you’re willing to put in the legwork to gather a bunch of quotes, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your move and still get First National’s service.

How to get a quote from First National Van Lines

You can start your quote on First National Van Lines’ website, but you’ll have to provide your phone number and email address. Once First National has your contact information, you can expect a barrage of text messages and emails, none of which will include your quote.

To actually lock down a dollar amount, you need to submit a full inventory list online and then speak with a representative over the phone.

It’s also important to note that getting a quote from most other full-service moving companies is just as difficult. First National Van Lines’ lengthy quoting process is a pain in the neck, but it’s not the worst we’ve seen.

Ready to get your price?
To know for sure how much First National Van Lines will charge for your move, start the quoting process on their site.

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First National Van Lines services and features

  • Full-service residential moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • Moves for businesses
  • Moving coverage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Packing and unpacking

Attention: Local movers

Attention: Local movers

First National Van Lines’ website states that the company services only long-distance moves. However, it never specifies a minimum distance, and we found customers reporting moves under 200 miles. If you’re interested in working with First National, give them a call to see if they’ll accept your move.

Why we recommend First National Van Lines

Price-match guarantee

Like we’ve said before, First National Van Lines doesn’t provide much information on its website, but it does call out its price-match guarantee on its front page, so you know it takes this policy seriously.

First National will “match any competitor’s written price.” If you have to find another full-service mover that will give you a written quote for the exact same move (an over-the-phone quote won’t count), First National will lower its own quoted price.

This policy paired with First National’s nationwide availability ensures that you can get a good deal no matter where in the US you’re moving from or to.

Positive customer reviews

While it can be hard to get reliable information from customer reviews, we believe that one of the best signs of a good moving company is how customers feel about it. From what we’ve seen, most First National Van Lines customers are more than happy with how the company handled their moves.

First National Van Lines has a 4/5 rating on Yelp with customers praising the company for a wide variety of qualities:

  • Low prices
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Friendly customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Careful shipment handling

Of course, there are a few bad reviews in the bunch, but the number of customers applauding First National’s services outweighs these negative opinions.

Online customer service chat

One of the most unique things about First National Van Lines is its interactive customer service chat. When you visit the company’s website, you’re greeted by a small but friendly chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking this box will open up a chat window where you can ask questions and get quick answers.

It’s unclear whether the answers come from a real human or just a smart computer program, but this feature is a convenient way to get information—and if you’re an introvert, it beats talking to someone over the phone.

We couldn’t get all our questions answered through this chat service, so while it doesn’t fully make up for First National’s minimalist website, it can be really helpful if you need basic information quickly.

What we think

The lack of information on First National Van Lines’ website makes it difficult to recommend the company outright. We would love to see First National provide more transparent info about its pricing and services. However, First National’s customer reviews are full of recommendations from happy customers, and the company’s price-match guarantee makes it a solid option for anyone looking to move long-distance for cheap.

Let’s get you moving!

If you’re ready to see what First National Van Lines can do for you, hop over to its website and request a quote.

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