Big Ben’s Moving and Storage 2021 Review

Bottom line: Big Ben’s Moving and Storage offers plenty of moving services at seemingly affordable rates, but the company throws up a few red flags for customer complaints, last-minute charges, and deceptive business practices.
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Published on December 22, 2020
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Big Ben’s Moving and Storage offers nearly every moving service you could want. The company’s online quotes aren’t too expensive either.

That said, two things keep the company off our list of the best moving companies. First, the company only operates in 39 states.

Second, a worryingly large number of customer reviews report that the company mistreats its customers, gives dishonest estimates, and has a few other shady business practices.

Keep reading to learn if Big Ben’s Moving and Storage is right for you.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Local and interstate moves
Pro Bullet Price matching
Pro Bullet Multiple coverage options
Pro Bullet Specialty item transport
Pro Bullet Background-checked employees
Con Heading
Con Bullet Concerning customer reviews
Con Bullet Service limited to 39 states (and Washington, DC)

See how Big Ben’s Moving and Storage compares to our favorite moving companies.

How much does Big Ben’s Moving and Storage cost?

Compared to standard industry rates, Big Ben’s Moving and Storage costs a bit more than average, especially for short-distance moves, but the company’s rates are still pretty reasonable.

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage pricing

Home size


1,011 miles



140 miles


Data as of 7/30/2020. 1,011-mile estimate based on moves from Omaha, NE, to Buffalo, NY. 140-mile estimates based on moves from Washington, DC, to Philadelphia, PA. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Here are all the services and benefits included in these prices:

  • Full professional door-to-door moving
  • Loading and unloading
  • Moving blankets and furniture pads for protection
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Basic insurance coverage
  • Free climate-controlled storage up to 35 days
  • All tolls, taxes, and fuel charges

Keep in mind that we got these estimates in summer, when moving demand peaks—so your quote might be lower at other times of the year. Moving prices fluctuate constantly, and they depend on factors like seasonality (time of year), availability, and routes.

The only way to know for sure how much your move will cost is to get your own estimate.

Getting a Big Ben’s Moving and Storage estimate

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage allows you to request a quote online, and it will email you a ballpark estimate after you’ve sent the request.

These ballpark estimates aren’t binding and they likely don’t reflect your final price. To get your actual, binding estimate, you’ll need to submit a complete home inventory or do an inspection of your belongings with a Big Ben’s estimator.

This inspection can take place through an in-home visit, over a video call, or through an online form.

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage at a glance

Company information

MC #





Icon No  Dark



Icon Yes  DarkYes


Icon Yes  DarkYes

AMSA ProMover certification

Icon No  Dark


Better Business Bureau rating


Data as of 12/1/2020. 

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage features and services

  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full coverage
  • Free moving supplies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Custom crating
  • Business office relocation
  • Connection services for home theaters and computer networks
  • Specialty item transport (pianos, hot tubs, etc.)
  • GPS shipment tracking
  • Home cleaning

What to know about Big Ben’s Moving and Storage

Now that we’ve given you the rundown on the company’s pricing and services, let’s focus on a few of Big Ben’s Moving and Storage’s strengths and weaknesses.

It includes free storage with every move

Big Ben’s includes 30–35 days of storage on every move. This means that if you need to store some stuff between moving out of your old home and moving into your new one, Big Ben’s has you covered.

This might not immediately sound like something you’d need. Maybe you’re eager to get directly into your new home and you don’t intend to waste any time moving in.

However, it can be useful if things don’t go according to plan. If, for instance, your current lease actually ends before your new home is ready, you’ll need somewhere to keep all your stuff in the interim.

Last-minute mix-ups like this are impossible to predict and almost impossible to plan for, but if they do occur, then Big Ben’s Moving and Storage has your back.

It offers storage only for moving customers

Speaking of storage, Big Ben’s only provides storage services to customers who are moving. If you’re looking for only a storage facility, not a moving company, Big Ben’s is the wrong choice for you.

If you’re just looking for a company to store your belongings, check out our list of the best climate-controlled storage companies.

It has concerning customer reviews

Now we’ve come to the most troubling thing about Big Ben’s Moving and Storage: rough customer reviews.

The company looks really good on paper. It offers plenty of services, it’s properly authorized through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and its pricing seems fair (if a little high).

However, its customer reviews paint a different picture. Many customers complain about the company’s dishonest pricing estimates. Some customers report that their day-of prices were increased by over $1,000 from their initial estimates. Other customers complain that the company doesn’t handle loss and damage claims properly or fairly.

While you should always expect to find a handful of negative reviews for any moving company, this volume of negative reviews makes us wary to recommend Big Ben’s Moving and Storage.

While your individual experience moving with Big Ben’s could very well be positive, the number of negative reviews means that the company is at least a little riskier than companies we do recommend.

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage FAQs

Does Big Ben’s Moving and Storage have nationwide service?

No, Big Ben’s Moving and Storage can only accept customers moving to and from 39 states and Washington, DC. Here are all the states that Big Ben’s can’t service:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

Can I store my stuff at a Big Ben’s Moving and Storage facility?

Big Ben’s Moving and Storage only stores belongings for moving customers. If you need storage but you aren’t moving, then we recommend checking out one of these companies:

Our recommendation

While Big Ben’s Moving and Storage offers just about every moving service you could want, the number of customers writing negative reviews about the company is a major red flag. For this reason, we recommend looking into a few other moving companies before you decide to work with Big Ben’s Moving and Storage.

Still want a Big Ben’s Moving and Storage quote?

Even though we don’t recommend working with Big Ben’s Moving and Storage, it doesn’t hurt to get a quote and see what the company can do for you.

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