2019 Best Interstate Moving + Storage Review

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Best Interstate Moving and Storage is no longer in business. To find a full-service mover, check out our list of the best interstate moving companies.

Bottom line: Best Interstate Moving and Storage is a full-service moving brokerage that helps you find an interstate mover who offers the services you need at the price you want.

Overall rating

3.9 / 5

Best Interstate Moving and Storage (BIMS) is a moving brokerage company that connects you with a network of moving professionals to find the best situation for your out-of-state move. We all know what a headache researching and vetting interstate moving companies can be, and Best Interstate Moving and Storage could offer relief by doing the research and negotiations for you.

The question remains, however: Do all of its negotiations pay off in your favor or are you better off enduring the headache and finding a good deal yourself?

Let’s walk you through our experience and tell you why trusting your move to Best Interstate Moving and Storage can do more than just cure your moving headache—it might save you some money, too.


  • Provides transparent pricing and a price-matching program
  • Offers over-the-phone moving estimates
  • Offers virtual in-home moving estimates
  • Sells a wide variety of moving kits, boxes, and supplies
  • Provides excellent customer service


  • Handles only interstate moves

What services does Best Interstate Moving and Storage offer?

BIMS offers a wide range of moving services to cater to the size and specific needs of both your move and your budget.

Services Best Interstate Moving and Storage offers:

  • Interstate moving
  • Business and commercial moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Over-the-phone estimates
  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Custom crating
  • Piano transport
  • Auto transport
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-valuation coverage
  • Temporary storage and storage in transit
  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates no qualified moves
  • Assistance setting up home services and utilities1
  • Nonperishable food donation through Move for Hunger

Many of the services are included in the cost of your move, but options like packing and unpacking, boxes and supplies, custom crate creation, piano and auto transport, and full-valuation coverage require an additional cost.

Check out the table below to get a better idea of which services are free and which will cost you a bit extra.

Free vs. paid moving services

Free or paid?
Over the phone estimateFree
Boxes and moving suppliesPaid
Packing and unpackingPaid
Furniture disassembly and reassemblyFree
Loading and unloadingFree
Custom cratingPaid
Piano transportPaid
Auto transportPaid
Basic liability coverageFree
Full-valuation coveragePaid
Temporary storage and storage in transit*Free
Assistance setting up home servicesFree
Over the phone estimate
Boxes and moving supplies
Packing and unpacking
Furniture disassembly and reassembly
Loading and unloading
Custom crating
Piano transport
Auto transport
Basic liability coverage
Full-valuation coverage
Temporary storage and storage in transit*
Assistance setting up home services
Free or paid?

*Storage is free for the first 30 days and costs $0.05 per pound for every additional month.

How much does Best Interstate Moving and Storage cost?

Your overall moving cost with Best Interstate Moving and Storage will vary based on the specific conditions of your move. Since it specializes in interstate moves, most of its charges aren’t based on an hourly rate like many local movers might be. It negotiates with its network of movers and bases your estimate on factors like the distance of your move, the time of year, the weight of your belongings, and the services you opt in to.

To give you an idea of what to expect to spend, we mystery shopped Best Interstate Moving and Storage and requested a quote for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.

Our Best Interstate Moving and Storage quote

Cost factorsFigures
Moving distance1,071 miles
Estimated volume6,984 lbs. (998 cu. ft.)
Cost per pound$0.65
Basic estimate price$4,539.60
Fuel surcharge (9% of the basic estimate price)$408.57
Bulky washer and dryer fee$200.00
Binding estimate fee$651.05
Packing materials$1,123.50
Early discount-$150.00
Total moving estimate$6,772.72
Cost factors
Moving distance
Estimated volume
Cost per pound
Basic estimate price
Fuel surcharge (9% of the basic estimate price)
Bulky washer and dryer fee
Binding estimate fee
Packing materials
Early discount
Total moving estimate
1,071 miles
6,984 lbs. (998 cu. ft.)

*This table is meant to serve as a general example of what you can expect for your moving costs and does not guarantee the price of your estimate by Best Interstate Moving and Storage.

Depending on whether or not we chose to remove packing from our estimate or add the low-deductible option for full-valuation coverage, our price could range anywhere from $5,649.22 to $8,029.72.

You’ll likely see higher prices elsewhere for a similarly sized move. Although there are many contributing factors, two stand out above the rest: over-the-phone moving estimates and a pretty impressive price-matching policy.

We’ll dive into both of these later to show you how each benefits your move and affects your final costs.

If you’re planning a smaller household move than what we’ve outlined above, you can expect to pay a bit less, while those planning larger moves that require additional services should expect to pay more. Our estimate can serve as a good point of comparison, but the best way to get an accurate picture of what your moving costs will be is to call Best Interstate Moving and Storage and get an over-the-phone estimate.

Factors that go into an estimate

Full-service moving companies often base your estimate on the distance of your move and the weight of the belongings that you’ll be moving. BEST follows a similar trend, but it doesn’t use the distance of your move to directly calculate your transportation costs.

The distance of your move influences which mover BEST will choose for you. If you move 1,000 miles, BEST may assign a different mover than if you move 2,500 miles. Although both work with BEST, the two may charge slightly different rates for your cost per pound to complete your move.

Volume also comes into play in calculating costs—which may be why BEST charges an additional $200 fee for moving a washer and dryer. Ask about any other large items you own to see how those will affect the price of your move.

You’ll also see a “binding estimate fee” on your estimate. Traditionally, binding moving estimates are fixed-priced estimates—meaning you pay the estimated cost, whether your shipping weight is far greater or far less than the original estimate.

BEST structures its binding estimate a little differently.

Once you decide you’d like to choose BEST for your move, you must pay a down payment in the form of a reservation fee. Our fee was about 20% of the cost of our estimate and went toward paying the balance of the final bill.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage Pricing

This left $5,440.73 on the balance of our estimate. Half of this ($2,720.36) would be collected during pickup and the remaining cost would be due at delivery and depend on the actual weight of the move. If the actual weight matched the estimated weight, we would pay the remaining half of the balance. If the actual weight was less, we’d pay less. If it was more, we’d pay more.

Even so, because this part of the estimate cost still fluctuates, I wouldn’t call this a true binding estimate. It may still work out in your favor, though, if your shipment weighs less than expected.

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Rest assured

Rest assured

Regardless of the final cost of your estimate, Best Interstate Moving and Storage offers a full refund if you cancel at least five days prior to your scheduled pick-up window.

What you can expect from a Best Interstate Moving and Storage move

Scheduling your estimate

After conducting some initial online research, the next phase in finding out which mover is right for you is scheduling an estimate. While many full-service movers require an in-home estimate, Best Interstate Moving and Storage conducts its moving estimates over the phone.

An over-the-phone estimate presents two distinct advantages: first, you don’t have to take time out of your day for a stranger to come into your home to peruse through your belongs for an in-home estimate; and second, it helps drive down the cost because BEST doesn’t have to pay the person who would be doing the perusing.

BEST lets you schedule your over-the-phone estimate in two ways—filling out a simple online form or giving them a call. If you want to get the ball rolling but don’t have a lot of time to spend on the phone that very moment, I recommend filling out the form. It only takes a minute and a representative will call you back to walk you through your estimate or set up a time that works better for you.

If you have a spare 30–40 minutes and want to get everything out of the way, I recommend just giving them a call. After trying it myself, this was my favorite of the two experiences.


Heads up!

Heads up!

Best Interstate Moving and Storage recently added a virtual in-home estimate option. It uses artificial intelligence and your smartphone’s camera to quickly and accurately take each room’s inventory.

Not only can this save you time, but it can save you money too! BEST offers a $300 discount if you use its virtual in-home estimate to reserve your move.

Your over-the-phone estimate

Overall, my over-the-phone estimate was a very pleasant experience. It allowed me to avoid some of the common pain points of an in-home estimate including taking time off work, making sure the house is clean, hoping the moving coordinator doesn’t open the closet the vintage Cabbage Patch Kids collection lives in, etc.

My estimate lasted just over forty minutes and I can confidently say not a single second was wasted. The consultant I spoke with began the call by asking for some basic information like the start and end locations of my move and my preferred moving date. After that point, she explained the pick-up dates have a three-day window and asked whether or not that would be okay.

If your move meets certain criteria, however, you can request guaranteed pickup and delivery dates. Heck, if you’re in a hurry, some moves even qualify for pickup within twenty-four hours of a call.

Taking your inventory

Once you provide the basic info of your move and confirm that you’d like to proceed, your representative will ask you to list the things you’ll need moved. I decided to go through my inventory room by room to keep my thoughts a bit more organized. If you are at home while you make this call, you could even walk from room to room and list your inventory that way. This might help produce a more accurate inventory of your belongings than if you did it from memory.

As I was explaining what items were in each room, my representative reminded me to include any framed photos that were on the walls and to clarify the size of certain belongings. She also asked the sizes of cabinets and cupboards and whether or not they were full to get an accurate estimate of their contents.

These reminders and clarifications are incredibly helpful in accounting for all of the belongings you need to move—especially if you aren’t at home when you make this call.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage Over-the-Phone Quote

Going over perks and additional services

After you finish listing your items for your inventory, your representative will likely ask if you’d like any additional services like packing, piano or auto transport, or storage. They will also explain the Best Interstate Moving and Storage price-matching policy, Price Plus Promise.

The Price Plus Promise states that Best Interstate Moving and Storage will match any quote from another full-service four- or five-star moving company for the same estimated weight until your moving day.My representative encouraged me at multiple points during our call to seek out quotes from other full-service movers to compare the costs. She assured me if I found a cheaper estimate, BIMS would match it.

Toward the end of the call, my representative emailed me my moving estimate so I could review it while I was still on the phone with her and ask any questions. The instant availability of your moving estimate isn’t just a small perk either—it can save you hours of playing phone tag if something on the estimate is incorrect or you have questions about specific services. I loved immediately knowing what I could expect to pay for my move.


Have more questions?

Have more questions?

I also loved knowing that if I had questions during any other stage of my move I could reach out to my specific moving coordinator. BEST ties you to your coordinator until your belongings are delivered, so if anything comes up you know who you’ll be talking to.

Packing your belongings

If you’d rather not pack your belongings yourself, Best Interstate Moving and Storage will pair you with a full-service mover who offers packing and unpacking services.

During my over-the-phone estimate, my representative explained packing prices are based on the number of boxes you need during your move—not the time it takes to pack. She also said you won’t be charged for any boxes the packers don’t use. So unless you desperately want to use your leftover boxes to build the box fort of your dreams, you can save a bit of money on your final moving costs by returning any unused boxes.

Another way to minimize your packing costs is by asking your movers to pack a few select items instead of packing your whole home. This allows you to save money by packing most of your home yourself while leaving fragile or valuable items to the professionals.

The packing costs vary based on the type of box, and possibly even the moving company BIMS contracts with, but here are some of the prices I was given for my move:

Other packing services

Best Interstate Moving and Storage doesn’t simply find movers to pack your belongings. Its network of movers offers additional packing services, too—many of which are included in the cost of your move.

At no cost to you, your movers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture, protect your furniture with quilted blankets, take an itemized inventory of your belongings (or your boxes, if you did the packing), and load and unload the moving truck.

You can also pay extra for other services like custom crate creation for large or bulky items, or transport services for your car or piano.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage packing prices*

Type of box to be packedCost per box
Large box$16.50
Medium box$14.50
Wardrobe box (with box)$16.00
Dish pack box$35.00
Type of box to be packed
Large box
Medium box
Wardrobe box (with box)
Dish pack box
Cost per box

*These prices are specific to our moving quote and may change based on a number of different factors. We recommend you call and speak to a Best Interstate Moving and Storage representative to get the specific packing prices for your move.

Since Best Interstate Moving and Storage doesn’t charge for the time it takes to pack your boxes, it looks like it builds the labor costs into the price of the boxes used to pack your belongings.

Buying boxes and supplies for DIY packing

If you decide you’d rather do all of the packing yourself, BIMS lets you purchase anything from single boxes and rolls of packing tape to full-fledged moving kits.

The website has quite a few options to choose from, but we chose some of the most common boxes and packing kit options to give you an idea of what you can expect to spend.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage moving box pricing

Small boxes15$29.40
Medium boxes10$28.88
Large boxes5$29.95
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes
Quantity Price
15 $29.40
25 $36.75
10 $28.88
20 $39.95
5 $29.95
12 $39.95

Best Interstate Moving and Storage moving kit prices and contents

If you want to learn more about what boxes and materials come in each kit, we’ve broken down all of the options below.

1–2 room moving kits

Economy kitBasic kit
Small boxes5 small boxes9 small boxes
Medium boxes10 medium boxes9 medium boxes
Packing tape110 yd. of packing tape110 yd. of packing tape
Marker1 marker1 marker
Tape dispenser1 tape dispenser
Bubble roll24 ft. of bubble roll
Packing paper3 lbs. of packing paper
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Packing tape
Tape dispenser
Bubble roll
Packing paper
Economy kit Basic kit
$41.99 $52.45
5 small boxes 9 small boxes
10 medium boxes 9 medium boxes
110 yd. of packing tape 110 yd. of packing tape
1 marker 1 marker
1 tape dispenser
24 ft. of bubble roll
3 lbs. of packing paper

3–4 room moving kits

Economy kitBasic kit
Small boxes10 small boxes18 small boxes
Medium boxes20 medium boxes20 medium boxes
Large boxes10 large boxes9 large boxes
Packing tape220 yd. of packing tape110 yd. of packing tape
Marker2 markers2 markers
Tape dispenser1 tape dispenser
Bubble roll48 ft. of bubble roll
Packing paper6 lbs. of packing paper
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes
Packing tape
Tape dispenser
Bubble roll
Packing paper
Economy kit Basic kit
$104.95 $136.45
10 small boxes 18 small boxes
20 medium boxes 20 medium boxes
10 large boxes 9 large boxes
220 yd. of packing tape 110 yd. of packing tape
2 markers 2 markers
1 tape dispenser
48 ft. of bubble roll
6 lbs. of packing paper

5–6 room moving kits

Economy kitBasic kit
Small boxes10 small boxes18 small boxes
Medium boxes20 medium boxes18 medium boxes
Large boxes22 large boxes21 large boxes
Extra large boxes10 extra large boxes10 extra large boxes
Packing tape220 yd. of packing tape110 yd. of packing tape
Marker2 markers2 markers
Tape dispenser1 tape dispenser
Bubble roll48 ft. of bubble roll
Packing paper6 lbs. of packing paper
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes
Extra large boxes
Packing tape
Tape dispenser
Bubble roll
Packing paper
Economy kit Basic kit
$208.43 $222.55
10 small boxes 18 small boxes
20 medium boxes 18 medium boxes
22 large boxes 21 large boxes
10 extra large boxes 10 extra large boxes
220 yd. of packing tape 110 yd. of packing tape
2 markers 2 markers
1 tape dispenser
48 ft. of bubble roll
6 lbs. of packing paper

Protecting your belongings

Recording your moving day inventory

If you’re moving halfway across the country, you want to make sure none of your prized possessions get lost along the way. Best Interstate Moving and Storage contracts with movers who take an itemized inventory of your belongings and indicate each item’s condition on the inventory before they load it onto the truck.

It’s a good idea to ask about the inventory process (whether you let BEST choose your moving company or you find one on your own) so you can be prepared to review the inventory with your movers as they load the truck and after they’ve unloaded everything into your new home.

Moving coverage

Best Interstate Moving and Storage offers two levels of coverage to protect your belongings as your movers make their way to your new abode: basic liability and full-value coverage.

Every move comes with basic liability coverage as a free benefit. The basic liability limit provides coverage up to $10,000 and is based on $0.60 per pound per item. Even though it’s free, this isn’t a substantial amount of coverage and won’t cover much if something gets damaged during the course of your move.

For instance, if the movers drop your 30-pound crystal corgi while loading the truck, BEST will only pay $18 to replace the poor shattered pup—regardless of its actual value. (Let’s be real though, that corgi is priceless.)

BEST also offers full-value protection, which you can purchase for an additional fee. For our moving estimate, it quoted a protection amount of $41,904. This works out to roughly $6 of value for each pound we’re moving. If you’re moving a lot of valuables and think you might need coverage above $6 of value per pound, make sure to let your BESTrepresentative know during your over-the-phone estimate and they will walk you through your options.

We recommend full-value protection for most moves since it provides a far greater amount of coverage and isn’t limited to a certain dollar amount per item. If you purchase the full-value protection and something happens to any number of delicate dog statues, as long as their total value is lower than your quoted protection amount ($41,904 in our case), BEST has you covered.

The cost of full-value protection depends on the deductible level you choose. Our quote listed a $500 deductible and a $1,000 deductible. The $1,000 deductible was the cheaper of the two options and would cost $838 for our move. If you would like a lower deductible, you’ll pay a bit more up front—our $500 deductible plan was listed at $1,257.

Despite needing to pay a deductible on top of the cost for full-value protection, I still recommend choosing it over basic liability for almost any full-service move.


BEST works with its network of movers to offer both short- and long-term storage for your move. During my over-the-phone estimate, my representative told me that storage is free for the first 30 days and costs $0.05 per pound for each additional month you need.

She also let me know there isn’t a limit to the amount of storage you can use. BEST will simply base the size of the storage container on the items you need to store.

Many full-service movers don’t offer a free period of storage and several set high minimum charges to store your belongings, even if you need to store a single piece of furniture. Knowing BEST offers 30 days of free storage puts it head and shoulders above some of the other movers in the industry in this regard.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage

Our recommendation

Best Interstate Moving and Storage is a great option if you are preparing for an interstate move and want to quickly learn just how affordable a full-service move can be. Since BIMS is a moving brokerage company, it negotiates with its network of moving companies to get you the best price based on your various moving needs—saving you from the headache of doing the research yourself.

Not only does BIMS find you the best price among its own network of movers, it’ll also match the price of any other four- or five-star full-service mover if you find a lower price somewhere else.

Price is only part of the equation though. We also enjoyed the convenience of the over-the-phone moving estimate, the pricing transparency of our quote, and the range of moving supplies available through the BIMS website.

In the end, your overall moving experience will depend on the mover Best Interstate Moving and Storage chooses for you. Be sure to ask which company will be completing your move during your estimate so you can look at its customer reviews online.

Have you scheduled a move with Best Interstate Moving and Storage? Leave a review and let us know about your experience in the comments below!


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About Colin Holmes

Colin Holmes
Colin Holmes is no stranger to moving: he’s done so five times in the last five years, and he’s used his expertise to help over 185,000 readers plan their moves in the last year alone. As a former journalist and documentary interviewer, Colin brings a wealth of research experience to Move.org.
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  • Blake Meike

    The thing to understand about Best Interstate is that they are not a mover. They are a brokerage. Their business model is farming your move out to the cheapest group of guys that can rent a truck. If the reviews below are mixed it is because some of the movers are ethical. Most are not.
    One consequence of this is that the AI/Video estimate that you get from BIMS is utterly irrelevant. The whole reason they do not visit your house is so that the estimate is *NOT* binding. The first thing that the actual movers to whom BIMS shopped our move did, was to rewrite the original estimate (based, btw, on a *binding* estimate generated on a home visit from Allied Van Lines) and demand an extra $5K to move our household.
    I cannot imagine a single good reason to entrust your move to a broker. If you really want to hire a group of thugs and a truck, just do it yourself. No need to pay BIMS to do it for you.

    • http://www.bestinterstatemovingandstorage.com Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hey Blake. We are aware of the issues that took place during your move and are currently working to resolve all of your issues in a satisfactory manner. We take our reputation very seriously and strive for excellence and professionalism as we understand how important and stressful every detail of moving can be. Our records reflect management have made several attempts to speak with you directly in regards to resolution, however our attempts have been futile. Please contact our Customer Care Manager at 561-510-1598. Thank you

      • Blake Meike

        You have attempted to contact me twice, once by email, once by phone. I returned the phone call and discussed several issues with the agent:

    • G. S

      Thugs is what we got! What a joke BIMS is!! The good news is the DOT is onto them. File your complaint here:


  • bethany taylor

    My family and I used BIMS to move from Illinois to Texas. They GROSSLY misquoted the weight of our move. I would understand having to pay for what the items weigh, but they were so assured that their video software would be close to accurate, and it wasn’t. I anticipated having to pay a difference – maybe $500 more or maybe even less, but when the movers came they informed us that it would be over $3000 more than was quoted. But what could we do? We couldn’t NOT move – the house was sold and our stuff was packed and ready to go. When I reached out to BIMS to try and settle the dispute over this ridiculous inaccuracy they informed me that they were unable to offer any assistance because of the weight inaccuracy.

    They did offer me compensation for another problem we had, but I couldn’t in good conscience accept the money they offered me in exchange for my agreeing to not defame them in anyway. I just couldn’t stand by after the terrible service I received. Because of their massively inaccurate estimate I had to postpone my move by 5 days. I had to provide 5 extra days of meals eaten out because we were supposed to moved out already (and I had already cleaned out the fridge/pantry so there was nothing in our home to eat). We also ended up having lodging expenses. The movers they contracted the first time that left because the estimate was so off ended up being dishonest and NO ONE from BIMS ever contacted us to see if things had happened like they were supposed to. I was assured by the movers that they would be back in 2 days, but when they didn’t show and I contacted them they insisted they knew nothing about it. Foolishly I assumed BIMS had any further contact with them, and they were absolutely a mess to deal with trying to reschedule everything. It was only after HOURS on the phone with them that we were able to get our scheduled move back on track. We were supposed to moved on a Saturday, and they were unable to get us a a different truck until Wednesday.

    Once the move was complete (items delivered) I spent days trying to get a hold of BIMS representatives to try and reach an agreement about compensation. I was continually passed from employee to employee, told again and again that someone would call me back, but they never did. They gave me some line about not being able to reach me, but my phone was ringing through for everyone else just fine. I later read that other disgruntled customers experienced that same lie about not being reachable. At the pinnacle of our dispute I was rudely spoken to, repeatedly blamed for their short comings, and eventually hung up on. I let them know I had every intention of letting as many people as I could know not to use their services. So please, save your money, your time, and your sanity – use ANYBODY ELSE. I cannot overstate how much financial and emotional stress using BIMS cost us.

  • Leigh Aumiller

    I would never use this company again. Our mover (that we did not choose), ended up putting our belongings into storage for over 2 weeks without telling us up front that they were doing this. We had our belongings packed into a truck on March 7th and didn’t receive them in our new destination (long distance) until March 19th. We had a bed, towels, sheets, two chairs and a small workbench (that we brought ourselves) for 10 days (we were on the road for 2 days).
    After all that, we found that items that were packed in their original boxes (per Best’s advice) never showed up at our new house.
    I agree with the “thugs” reference from Blake Meike. That is exactly what I felt the movers were.
    When our moving van got to our new home, we were told cash or cashier check only, no personal checks. We received no advance warning about the amount due. The driver said if we didn’t pay, he would leave. Extortion, plain and simple.
    I received notice of what our compensation for the over $1500 worth of items ‘lost’ today. It was $70.00.

    • http://www.bestinterstatemovingandstorage.com Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Leigh – we apologize for your experience and would like the opportunity to address this. We take great pride in our high level of service and this situation as described is unacceptable and not the standard we would like to be set. Please contact our Customer Care Manager at 561-510-1598 as we are unable to locate your account. We look forward to resolving this matter both amicably and expeditiously. Thank you

    • G. S

      You should really let the DOT know about this!! The Department of Transportation is investigating this!! Please file a complaint online:


  • Deborah Ross

    ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!! We moved this summer and this company, along with the trucking company, Rayan, were unprofessional and disrespectful. When Rayan arrived, they immediately began trying to negotiate a new “deal” with me, as Best Interstate neglected to note our bulky items (piano, beds, foosball table, grandfather clock) as “bulky.” We told Best about these items all along!

    Upon arrival at our new home, we were told the truck would arrive between 7am-10am. Well, SEVERAL phone calls later…the truck finally arrived at 4.30pm! And did not conclude moving us in until 1.30am. They did not put together my son’s bed which, after they left we figured out why. They broke it! They broke our foosball table. They broke two bookshelves. They bent a bicycle axle, tore another bicycle seat. We saw countless boxes FALL out of the truck. Our antique family grandfather clock was broken.

    I have contacted Best since, to resolve these issues, however nothing has been done. It’s been 3.5 months! This was a very expensive move. And after we replaced my sons bed, had the clock fixed, one of the bookshelves fixed, it got even more expensive.

    This was a terrible experience. From the onset, when the guys from Rayan were trying to renegotiate the terms of our move with me, the movers were shady. The whole process was awful and expensive! Best was completely unresponsive to all of our concerns all along. They are a broker for moving companies and did a terrible job.

    • http://www.bestinterstatemovingandstorage.com Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Deborah – we apologize for your experience and would like the opportunity to address this. We take great pride in our high level of service and this situation as described is unacceptable and not the standard we would like to be set. Please contact our Customer Care Manager at 561-510-1598 as we are unable to locate your account. We look forward to resolving this matter both amicably and expeditiously. Thank you

      • Deborah Ross

        I was in contact with your customer care team, specifically Tequela. It’s been 4 months.

    • Beth Benson

      Rayan did the same to me!! Terrible customer service from Best Interstate and Rayan was a nightmare.

    • G. S

      See above – The Department of Transportation is investigating this!! Please file a complaint online:

  • Dixie Cochran

    They are terrible. I’ve held this in for three months, but now that I’m finally unpacking the last of my boxes (antiques and the like) so many things I loved are smashed. The boxes are right where they left them, so I know it wasn’t me. Also they charged me double my quote, despite telling me over the phone they’d handle it when I talked to Robert while the movers were there. This is because, despite me telling Matthew at BIMS I had 8 full bookshelves, no one told them to bring any book boxes. I ended up having to leave things behind in my old apartment, because I couldn’t stay there any longer, as my lease was up.

    Later, a very rude woman refunded me $200 of the almost $2,000 extra I spent, but it’s not enough. I ended up paying two months’ salary to move a one-bedroom, 500 sqft. apartment. I would never recommend them, nor the company who actually executed the move, Helix, to anyone. That was the worst experience with both customer service and moving I’ve ever had, and now I’m terrified to let anyone touch my things again.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Ms. Cochran. Best Interstate Moving + Storage prides itself on providing the most accurate estimate based on the information relayed by the customer of the items that would be transported. Unfortunately, we can not be held liable for those things that are not disclosed during the booking phase. However, to appease you as our customer, management issued a good faith gesture in the amount of $200.00 to assist with the increase of your balance. If you will like to revisit this issue or discuss any further matters, such as damages. Please contact our escalation manager at 561-220-9508. Thank you

    • G. S

      The Department of Transportation is investigating this!! Please file a complaint online: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/file-a-complaint

  • Lisa Viesselmann

    Seriously, Colin Holmes — do you work for BIMS, or are they paying you to write these articles out of the money they help steal from their customers? The fact that there are zero positive reviews of this company on your site, but plenty of negative experiences should tell you all you need to know about them.
    In your example above, there is a volume estimate in parentheses after the weight estimate. I know from my horrible experience with them that this volume is derived from dividing the weight estimate by 7. Anyone who passed second grade math can tell you that you can’t convert weight to volume or vice versa without knowing density. So even if the weight is accurate, the volume will probably not be. And when they contract a shady carrier who decides to base all their charges on volume, you could end up paying far more than their “not to exceed” estimate, and BIMS will do absolutely nothing to help you. In my experience, they accused me of being dishonest on my inventory, even though I answered every question their representative asked me, and even sent them photos of all my items.
    Additionally, I had an independent weight estimate from an actual van line that was very close to BIMS’ weight estimate, but that doesn’t matter to them either.
    My items were delivered 3 months ago, and I am still dealing with the fallout from their incompetence and unprofessionalism.
    I’m sure that not all brokers are shady, and I truly believed that BIMS would be different. But at the end of the day they are no better than the unethical carriers they contract out.
    Oh, and BIMS, before you tell me to contact your customer care manager to discuss my move: been there, done that, not helpful.

  • Lisa Viesselmann

    The only true statement in this article is that your experience will depend on the actual mover that BIMS chooses. However, there is NO WAY they will be able to tell you which mover you will have at the time of the estimate! When I called them 3 days before the start of my pick-up window (because no one had reached out to me like they were supposed to), they still couldn’t even give me an actual pick-up date let alone a van company. I didn’t find that out until the day before pick up, when the carrier contacted me directly. At that point, it’s too late to cancel, so you’re stuck with whatever carrier they give you. By the way, the carriers that bid on contracts from brokers most likely do so because they can’t get enough business on their own, which is why, more often than not, they will have shady business practices.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Mrs. Viesselmann, we regret that you had a less than favorable experience. Our records reflect that management has reviewed and discussed the details of your account with you in great length. If you are not satisfied with the resolution and will the issue revisited, please contact our escalation manager at 561-220-9508. Thank you

      • Lisa Viesselmann

        This is not just about my experience (which was NOT resolved, despite what your records reflect). This is about a pathologic problem with your company. I can’t help but notice how many other complaints there are on this site alone that describe moving experiences very similar to mine, and how you have faulted them for their negative experiences just like you blamed me for mine. The Better Business Bureau has also noticed this pattern, and even your response to the BBB places the majority of the blame on the customers (https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/jupiter/profile/moving-brokers/best-interstate-moving-and-storage-llc-0633-90358793/complaints).
        So here’s some free advice: when you start running out of fingers to point back at all of the customers filing very similar complaints against you, the source of the issue is probably you, not them.

        • G. S

          File a complaint here:
          My move with them was a NIGHTMARE. I literally had felons unloading my goods, have over 50 missing boxes AND not only were goods (ie an Apple Computer) packed with things like a heavy bathroom scale, but they couldn’t be bothered to use any packaging. Definitely were not professional movers hired in my case, And, to top it off, they threw fragile boxes into my garage at unloading, upside down. My washer and dryer were crushed when dumped off the truck upside down. STEER CLEAR!

  • Goldman, A

    I hired Best Interstate Moving and Storage to move me up the East coast and they did a marvelous job!! At first I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never moved out of Florida before but after I spoke with my account manager who made me feel like they were going to take great care of my belongings and they introduced me to the artificial intelligence software to complete my inventory was one of a kind and very accurate!
    My experience was wonderful and the communication from customer service and my account manager was superb.
    The whole process was stress-free from completing the quote over the phone, making the reservation, pick up to delivery. Even after my belongings were delivered my account manager reach out to me to make sure I had a great experience.
    I would recommend Best Interstate to anyone who is looking to have a professional company!

  • Megan

    I recently used Best Interstate for a move from Chicago to Knoxville. After receiving quotes from four movers, I selected Best Interstate based on my interaction with the salesperson and reading other online reviews. I also appreciated how they price matched from top rated movers and used a virtual inventory process. All I had to do was us my phone to upload videos of the rooms in my home and they took care of everything else. The movers were right on time, and carefully packed and loaded our belongings. They were cheerful and upbeat throughout the day. The move went very smoothly, I was pleased with their work, and would certainly use Best Interstate again.

  • Tom Brand

    Everything arrived well yesterday and https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c658d29072743f55e7a7f6ae2b024ed524da08292e489478fd9d06d87a858321.jpg seems all in order.

    Amir and his helper Tyrell did a great job and final fee was paid at $950 (cash) as expected.

    The pickup crew two weeks ago Vincent and Tony also did a great job.

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


    special thanks to Jerri who was there from the first call on setting up my move, you are my hero!!!! please share this email with your manager.

    • G. S

      Wow! You got an actual moving truck and not felons that were picked up at the south side home depot parking lot. Consider yourself fortunate.

  • Mr.Armstrong

    Great price and lots of understanding from the staff. Mover teams were extraordinary, especially the Albuquerque team. They thought of everything and did the extras that put my family at ease. Columbus team had some problems because of Midwest storms. All were polite and hardworking. Office staff kept us informed, answered all questions and followed up.

  • Zelano

    I can not explain how grateful I am for Best Interstate Moving and Storage! From the beginning of our big cross country move, all the way to the end they were amazing! Their customer service is impeccable and very passionate about their jobs! I would definitely recommend Best Interstate Moving and Storage to anyone planning a move!

  • Kate Mercer

    About 3 months ago my husband and I decided to move due to better opportunity. We had no time between trying to find a place, interviews, finding a great school for the kids so we came to the conclusion we were going to use a moving company. I reached out to a friend of mine who moved about a year back because I remembered her mentioning how great her moving company was. As soon as she told me the name I looked them right up and called, pricing was reasonable and so was delivery time. Only complaint I have is the three day pick up window but other than that everything went a lot better than I anticipated. Crew showed up on time, greeted me and my husband and did a walk through of the home with me. Very professional guys!! Clean cut with great attitude. On delivery our things arrived in the same condition they left in and they put everything where we asked. I appreciate Best Interstate and their hard working crew!! Thank you

  • Nancy Herrera-Phillips

    This is definately by far the worse moving company I have ever dealt with! Please do yourself a favor and avoid at all cost! We moved from Florida to NY About two months ago and the unprofessionalism of this move is unbelievable. We paid for a full service move and what we got was all of stuff literally thrown into boxes. We couldn’t find the hardware for most of our belongings rendering them useless or many trips to Home Depot. Very expensive items just thrown into boxes without any wrapping. Two jugs of gasoline packed from our garage somehow made it into a box that was placed in the basement of my new home. For weeks I didn’t know it was there and when I finally opened it the smell overtook the entire basement!!!! It’s just unbelievable on how unprofessional this company is. I could go on and on with the nonsense I have uncovered while unpacking. I’ve been in touch with coustomer service sending multiple emails with photos of all my damaged goods and have not gotten a response. I have damaged furniture that needs to be fixed and still haven’t gotten any steps on filing a claim or any help for that matter!
    Stay away from this company and hire someone else. I cannot stress it enough!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Mrs. Phillips, please allow me to extend my sincerest apologies for the manner in which your items were handled. I have not been able to locate your account in order to properly address your concerns. Please contact my Customer Care Manager at 561-220-9508. Thank you

    • G. S

      They are terrible. You can file a complaint with the dept. of Transportation here:


  • Patrice Violette Taylor

    They made everything easy for me. I was settling my brother’s estate so things on my side were very emotional but they were great! They worked efficiently and were very thoughtful about how they handled my brothers belongings.
    The delivery in Florida was on time and again they made it easy!
    Thank you for making something very difficult much easier!

  • Julietta

    I moved from Lafayette, IN to Seattle, WA – and Best Interstate Moving and Storage made it easy and as stress-free as possible. The movers were polite and easy to work with. The bouquet of flowers delivered to my new home was a nice touch.

  • Elizabeth Pelham

    I cannot speak enough praise about Best Interstate. We had our previous company fall through, and we found ourselves in need of a truck in 3 days, to move 730 miles! Mae was able to walk me through the process and get our inventory detailed. We set everything up on Friday afternoon around 3pm. Saturday we were in constant communication with Tequela. The movers (Helix) were supposed to arrive Wednesday, but the weather wasn’t ideal, so Thursday morning two Helix movers were able to pack up the entire truck in 4.5 hours. They departed at 1pm and they were professional/well mannered. The next day, the crew of 3 delivering our belongings called with a delivery time of 12:30/1:00pm. They arrived at 12:30 and began unpacking. The only hold up was Best Interstate approving the payment amount because the movers were so fast! We got them paid, and they departed at 5:30pm with everything put together in the correct rooms. Tequela, again, was in constant communication and was able to answer any questions we might have. We will be buying a house next year, and this is the moving company we will use, and recommend to others.

  • Lynmarie Knight

    My experience with this company was nothing short of terrible. The movers were rude and unprofessional. When I questioned what they were saying as it wasn’t consistent with what the phone rep told me, they stated “You’re not dealing with Best Interstate, you’re dealing with us.” Worst of all, my new queen-sized mattress, a shelving unit and the legs to a mid-century vintage table (which movers insisted upon removing) were all lost and never delivered. The movers said they would call or text with the weight receipt – they didn’t and they never responded to my calls or texts either. The Best Interstate rep was also very unprofessional. He said he’d call with confirmation of pick-up date and never did…I had to repeatedly call to eventually learn the movers would be there in <36 hrs. This lack of follow through was a consistent problem from the start. I had to continually call over and over to get information even when they said they’d call me back. When calling to try to figure out the delivery time, I was given the run-around and then finally told the movers weren’t answering calls and the location of the truck carrying my things was unknown. When they finally heard from the movers, I cut travels short to be there for a Wednesday night delivery which never happened. After being stood up Wednesday night, I was assured they’d be there Thursday morning. Finally, around 8pm on Thursday evening one man came with my things. He unloaded all of the banged up boxes as fast as he could into a disheveled pile. He did not reassemble furniture as was advertised and promised (despite being asked to do so), and as I previously mentioned, some very important items were missing. When I told the mover about this, he said “You’ve got to be kidding me. This happened to another woman I delivered to this week. They ended up finding her mattress in a warehouse in New Jersey so maybe yours is there too.” Long story short – I never got my things back. I called several times to Best Interstate to discuss – I talked to Jordan, Tequela and Peter. They were all nice but lacked follow-through. They all promised to get back to me then quit responding to emails and messages. I had a bad feeling about the company from the beginning and should have listened to my gut…it’s three months after my move and I had to buy and new mattress and my favorite piece of vintage furniture is rendered useless. Choosing Best Interstate for your move is a big roll of the dice as they contract various movers to do the actual work. Seems that some people have had a good experience but I was not so lucky. The “movers” I got didn’t seem like a legitimate company at all. Instead, they came off as a few guys who rented a truck and tried to make this work as a side-hustle. The price was definitely better than many competitors but, sadly, the savings weren’t worth it.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Ms. Knight, we’re sadden to hear that we failed to meet and exceed your expectation during your recent relocation. We will like a chance to change your current perspective of our company. Please contact our Customer Service Manager at 561-220-9508

    • G. S

      Sounds like my nightmare experience with BIMS. I literally had felons unloading my goods. File a complaint here:


  • Laurie Kobor

    WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER. I just used Best Interstate Moving and Storage to move between Boston and Abilene, TX based partially on their 5 star rating on this website and partially because I needed an estimate by phone. It was a TERRIBLE experience. Everyone I spoke with at Best was friendly, but ultimately they were ineffective at helping me have a smooth moving experience. First and most importantly, although they claimed they worked only with 5 star rated moving companies, I was assigned Traditional Express Van Lines out of NJ. Turns out they have an F from the Better Business Bureau. My bad for not cancelling my contract right then because Traditional Express was HORRIBLE to work with! I have moved approximately 12 times and this was BY FAR THE WORST EXPERIENCE. Not only did I not find out my pickup date until the day before my move, but the phone estimate was WAY OFF – more than $1000 off. And when it came time for delivery. They couldn’t commit to a date within a week of my requested delivery date. In fact, I was in touch with Best every day for 1.5 weeks regarding delivery. While sleeping on an air mattress at my new house, I was promised delivery 3 days in a row with no delivery and no communication from Best or Traditional Express. I had to keep calling to find out what was going on. Having Best as a middleman was NOT helpful AT ALL. I waited at home all day 2 days in a row because I was told “the delivery will be today between 3 and 6, and the driver will call you”. At the end of each day I never received a call from the driver, the dispatcher or Best. Finally my items were delivered and the delivery itself I thought went smoothly, and everything was intact. But when I finished unpacking later that evening, I realized I was missing a whole extra large box of items. I left a message for the driver, tried to call the dispatcher, left a message for Best, but did not receive any return phone calls. Only by email did I get a response from Best requesting my Lot no. I gave them a week to try to find my items, but never got a response, only when I emailed back to Best was I told “the movers couldn’t locate your items, so you’ll need to file a claim”. Talk about unhelpful. So now I am in the midst of filing a claim, but based on the reviews at BBB, I don’t anything will come of it. Bottom line… DO NOT HIRE THIS MOVING COMPANY. YOU WILL REGRET IT! Thank you to everyone who took time to write reviews. Unfortunately they were not here when I hire Best, but maybe they’ll save someone else a huge headache.

  • Daria

    My mom has recently moved from CA to WA, and we were really satisfied with the services of Best Interstate Moving and Storage. The staff was very professional and helpful. The delivery was made on time, so my mom didn’t miss her vacation. The driver was in touch with us throughout the whole process.

  • Sheryl

    Thank god for Best Interstate Moving and Storage!! I wanted a full service moving company and I thought I would have to hire different companies, one to wrap my furniture, one to pack, and one to load and unload my things but here at Best Interstate you can sit back and take a breather while they handle everything for you. I received great service and I would recommend letting Best Interstate to coordinate your move.

  • Steven Moreland

    Giving this company a 5/5 rating is absolutely shameful, Colin. They are without question the worst moving company I have ever had the displeasure of using. They lie about what it’s going to cost. They lie about when it’s going to get there. They lie about having your back and being on your side. And please believe that I’ll do everything in my power to prevent anyone else from making the mistake I made of hiring them.

  • Hibbity

    This company is awful and I regret going with them. If you want a sub-par middle man, these are your people; that’s all they are. We had to move from California to North Carolina within 3 weeks. I decided to go with Best Interstate because of the “raving” reviews. Throughout the entire process, we were lied to by them. Tthey did not let us know that another company would be handling the moving process until after I had paid the initial down payment. They gave us a 3 day window of when the movers would arrive, telling us they would give us a 24 hour notice of when they’d arrive. They were supposed to arrive between Monday and Wednesday. On the Wednesday before, I get a call from a different moving company (the one they hired I later learned) saying they’d be there Monday. Ok. On Friday, I get a call from Best Interstate that they still didn’t know when in the window the movers would arrive. I called back on Sunday to see if they had any more info; they did not because they couldn’t get in touch with the dispatchers, but they assured me that it would be Tuesday or Wednesday. I had already left by Monday, but my husband stayed behind to oversee the moving. They arrived Monday, and he wasn’t ready. The movers had to come back Tuesday so that he could get everything ready for them. So they came back the next day and packed everything. I thought everything went well; my husband seemed to think so.

    Fast forward to Sunday; I get a call on Sunday saying they’ll be there Monday morning. Well, they didn’t arrive until about Monday at 5 PM. They started unpacking the truck and asking us where to put things. We had hired them to box everything, as well as take apart the furniture and put it back together. So they started to put the furniture back together, except for the two beds because they couldn’t find the legs (they were at the top of a box) and the coffee and end tables (they didn’t have a screwdriver). Not only that, they had broken one of the two glass tops for the coffee table because they poorly wrapped them (keep in mind, I had moved these things cross country multiple times myself; it’s really not that hard to move 2’x2’ pieces of glass). Some other glass objects had gotten broken because of poor packing. They also managed to lose a toolbox that somehow didn’t get inventorized (which my husband DID NOT have to sign off on). Part of the problem is that the company that delivered is not the same company that packed and picked up our stuff, so they had no clue.

    I was already unhappy and only got even more displeased when I contacted the insurers they used. The movers who packed our stuff told my husband everything would be insured; what he failed to mention was that everything was insured BY WEIGHT, NOT VALUE. So that piece of glass that weighs 5 pounds but costs $150 to replace? I got $1.50. The drop leaf that would cost over a hundred to repair? $3. The toolbox that had about $200 worth of tools? NOTHING because it wasn’t inventorized. See, I was told by Best Interstate that my stuff would be insured; what he failed to mention was that it was not fully insured, and what he failed to mention after that was that they offer full coverage.

    Avoid this company if you can. They’re literally just a middle man, and they’re not even good at being a middle man.

  • Steven Moreland

    Giving this company a 5/5 rating is absolutely shameful, Colin. They are without question the worst moving company I have ever had the displeasure of using. They lie about what it’s going to cost. They lie about when it’s going to get there. They lie about having your back and being on your side. And just for good measure, no one you contact does anything to help and has a complete and utter lack of empathy. Please believe that I’ll do everything in my power to prevent anyone else from making the mistake I made of hiring them.

  • Beth Benson

    Do not use this company!! They are a broker and their estimate is meaningless. When Rayan Van lines showed up to our home on moving day we were told that it would cost us twice as much as the original estimate we had received. My though my husband called Best Interstate to try to resolve this andand were told too bad. Rayan Van lines was a nightmare. It took them more than a week to bring us our belongings and we have several thousand dollars worth of damage. They were unprofessional, demanding cash on delivery. At the end of the day they did not assemble any of our furniture and they refused to take their trash. Before you respond, Best Interstate, we have reached out to you to resolve this issue and are still waiting for you to reach back to us.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Ms. Benson, we are regretful your family had a less than favorable experience with your recent relocation. Management is eager to speak with you to address and resolve your concerns, however after searching our database, the name Beth Benson could not be located. Please contact our Customer Care Manager Stephanie at 561-220-9508. Thank you.

      • Beth Benson

        Search Shane Yost

    • Steven Moreland

      Had the exact same experience with Rayan. BIMS did absolutely nothing to help us throughout the entire process. Truly shameful company.

    • G. S

      BIMS will offer you something ridiculously meaningless to “settle”. Do yourself a favor and file a complaint here:

  • James Lee

    Me and my girlfriend are so keen when it comes to our stuff. so we did a research on the Best moving company and we’re lucky enough we found thew Best of the Best! we will be starting another chapter on our lives and I can say that this company sort of helped us too, making it easier for us when you talk about the moving part. The customer service team was working so closely to us and we really appreciate that since we both have busy schedules. Professional packaging and unpacking of our stuffs too. will definitely use Best Interstate again in the future.

  • G. S

    RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! We had a coast to coast move and found BIMS to be the most economical solution for our large family. We received a great sales pitch, were told they “were with us every step of the way” but things started breaking down close to moving day. Three days before the move, we were told WESTAR RELOCATION would be our moving company. I called my BIMS rep to tell her I wasnt happy with Westar reviews and was very nervous. She informed me I had nothing to worry about and Westar was A rated, etc. Moving day came and all of the things I read about in the Weststar reviews came to life – price gouging for plastic wrap ($25/item), being told we needed an extra truck, etc. BIMS is proud my packing cost was lower than estimated. If they took the time to ask, they would know we packed up 85% of our house before their packers came. If we hadn’t the bill would have been 2-3x what was estimated. We also paid for an exclusive truck and direct delivery and Weststar told us we didnt get any of that. Loading and unloading on two trucks then to a semi is more handling, resulting in more shifting and breakage of goods (BIMS should know this). You name it, they tried to squeeze more money from us. I knew their game and called BIMS. BIMS stepped in after two full days of unnecessary stress from Weststar to help. BIMS also did help when Weststar refused to deliver the goods immediately, which was the original plan. Delivery day came and my boxes were handled like kids throwing legos at each other. Boxes that clearly said FRAGILE were thrown around in my garage. After noticing the lack of professionalism, I asked one of the workers if he was a professional mover – He and the three other guys were picked up in the Home Depot parking lot as day laborers on the south side of Philadelphia. One was a convicted felon, one was so hung over he threw up in my backyard (see picture) and he was illiterate so he couldnt read me the numbers on the boxes. The last guy appeared to be juicing on the job with whatever bottle he had in a brown paper bag. The Russian truck driver (not a professional mover, only a transporter) didn’t speak english, demanded his all cash payment and proceeded to let these random street people unload my household goods while he sat in his air conditioned semi. Nobody affiliated with Weststar was at delivery. There were not professional movers involved at all.

    We decided not to let the criminal and drunk (who cleaned up the vomit with his hands after we confronted the truck driver and then carried more boxes into the house) or the other street people in our house. They unloaded everything into the garage and driveway. They had no idea they were supposed to assemble the furniture disassembled at pickup nor were any of these guys qualified to do so. They literally dropped my washer / dryer off the truck upside down (over 3.5k to replace), they dropped numerous fragile boxes, broke furniture, rode in my kids battery powered ATVs, etc. Expensive bikes were all thrown together, like a mess of metal spaghetti. It was actually something out of a horror movie and I now know why I wasnt able to purchase moving insurance with this carrier. I still have over 50 unaccounted boxes. Opening the boxes on this end has led to all types of suprises like ceramic lamps thrown in boxes with heavy scales, baseballs. It was like someone blind just threw things into a box. No wrapping, no care of the items. Stupidly, we didnt self pack anything breakable thinking the “professionals” would do a better job. BIMS helped until the problems became serious and now that I am requesting resolution for the lack of professional movers (breach of contract), cant get any responses from those who were “there with you every step of the way.” If BIMS resolves this perhaps I can update my review but beware as you are at the mercy of their “A” rated movers, which were nothing more than home depot day laborers in my situation.

    Update – BIMS tried to resolve this for pennies on the $$ compared to what we paid them for a cross country move. It was laughable after sending a criminal and hungover/drinking vomiters to unload my goods. I have a 3.5k washer dryer needing repair and countless other broken goods not to mention a significant breach of contract. We paid them to hire “movers” not home depot parking lot pickups (who by the way absolutely were not background checked and had never moved a box in their lives). If BIMS wants to stay in business they really should vet their “A” listed moving companies better since these companies are a reparesentation of their “vetted” list.

  • G. S

    What Colin Holmes fails to tell you in your review is that you could possibly end up with a shady moving company, that hires felons from the day labor parking lot at home depot, without any experience moving fragile or heavy items. These “workers” won’t know how to assemble your furniture, which you probably paid for and BIMS shrugs their shoulders when over 50 boxes are missing and your $3.5k washer and dryer are dumped off the truck and smashed. BIMS also refused to sell me additional insurance because they conveniently forgot to tell me it had to be done many days in advance of the move. Colin needs t read these reviews and re-do his review. BIMS must pay top dollar doe someone to praise them this much after all these reviews.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      G.S., please contact our Director of Customer Relations to discuss any outstanding matters. We will love to bring this matter to an amicable resolution, however you have not provided any identifying marks in order for our office to contact your directly. Please contact Stephanie at 561-220-9508. Thank you.

  • michael

    I made the mistake by doing an inquiry about moving. 60 seconds later I got a call. The man was nice,and gave me a quote,I said,THanks,I need to do some research,and get more quotes. HE then started his pressure tactics,and insisted upon me giving them a deposit,I kept telling him No,I need to research other companies He then bashed other companies,and continued his pressure tactics. RED FLAGS ALL OVER! I hung up,He called back,I hung up. This went on for 10 Minutes,constant calling,and me hanging up. Finally peace,and Quiet. If he thinks I am going to comply to his Nazi tactics,he is messing with the wrong Irishman!!!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Michael, we are regretful the encounter you had with one of our personnel was not satisfactory or professional. Our Director of Customer Relations will like to speak with you directly in regards to the said matter. Please contact Stephanie at your convenience at 561-220-9508. Thank you

      • michael

        I am done with moving companies. I wish no further discussion. High Pressure tactics are not the way to go.

  • Anthony Masucci

    Fantastic experience. I was able to get through on the phone to a live person when I initially called then given an account manager I could call directly which was helpful. We got our inventory done over the phone in less than 10 minutes and boom we were scheduled for a pick up window. The movers themselves were incredibly courteous and understanding. I don’t like to sit around and watch so I helped where I could but when they knew something was heavy they insisted on moving it and my back has them to thank for not being sore next day. Everything came out of the truck safe and sound and they were very innovative in getting the large furniture up stairs and through small doorways. I was genuinely impressed by their swiftness and efficiency. The foreman was very easy to talk to when there were specific instructions I needed to give. Really a great, personalized experience that I will recommend.

  • JP in Oak

    This was one of the two companies with which we were expecting quotes. These guys call you via an automated phone system then put you on hold for more than 5 minutes before disconnecting. You are then guided via text message to use their “AI” tool to get a quote by taking videos of each room in your home. Since we are not currently living in the home we need to pack up, we can’t take videos. Also, if we were there, we’re not moving everything, so the videos would cause us to get a larger move quote than is actually needed. Compare that to one of their competitors, who called us within a minute, we spoke to a real person who took down our info and gave us a firm quote. AI vs humans. In this case, humans win. We’re going with the other moving company.

  • Marie M

    The customer service representives were professional and caring. They planned an efficient move for me. There was an error made by an affiliate, and the company worked on my behalf to resolve the issue. I was impressed by their dedication and consideration.

  • Kyle Hays

    I’ve moved cross country and even overseas a few times, and have never had an experience come even close to how HORRIBLE Best Interstate Moving and Move On Moving was. Stay away from Best Interstate Moving and Move On Moving – they will treat your possessions like dirt, and all the while be incredibly unresponsive and singularly unhelpful.

    We moved from Southern California to New Jersey in January 2019. We hired Best Interstate Moving, and they in turn subcontracted out part of the move. At first, we thought the pack-up went well. But then we found that many items were damaged due to poor packing. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the story.

    Our contract said that we would receive 24 hours notice before our possessions were delivered. But we got a text at 2:00 AM from the driver delivering our possessions (Alex), telling us that he would be there in about ten hours. He ended up not coming until 9:00 PM! We called him three times to ask for a status update, but he told us to stop bothering him and hung up a number of times. The driver told us we had no choice but to take delivery that night because he had another delivery to make the next day.

    It was pretty clear that the driver and the two men helping him move were not professional movers. They argued with each other constantly about the best way to move heavy items, and told us there should be a policy against having to move the heaviest items. One of the movers even said that it should be “against the law” to move our piano. The driver kept complaining about a back injury. He also repeatedly asked us to move items from the truck into the house, saying it would go faster if we helped them do the job we were paying them to do.

    It took all night (until a little after 5:00 AM) for them to move everything into our new house. The list of damages was not just routine things we should expect during normal moves. They left deep gouges in our hardwood floors, dragging items across it. They chipped, scratched, and in some cases broke items that will cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to repair. Some items – like heirloom crystal that was in the family for generations and was carefully packed in Styrofoam packed boxes marked fragile – were priceless and irreplaceable.

    And that doesn’t count the numerous lost items they never delivered! Missing items included a Bose stereo system and two bookcases, among MANY other missing pieces. I should not have been surprised, however. After all, the movers left a brand-new microwave oven (unopened in its original box) that was not ours and refused to pick it up because they had no idea who the owner was.

    It was heart-breaking and completely frustrating to watch all of our possessions being treated with such complete disrespect. Wardrobe boxes were thrown upside down, protective covers were torn as mattresses were dragged through mud, and some boxes were mysteriously soaked through. Toward the end of that nightmarish night, we were so upset and tired that we could only stare in disbelief when the driver (Alex) had the nerve to tell us he expected a good review.

    We just filed our insurance claim, and fully expect it to be a long and drawn out process. But we’re so outraged by the “service” that we paid them thousands for that we will not stop until they have fully compensated us for all of the damages and property they owe us. For the record, both Best Interstate and Move On Moving have not been responsive or tried to help us resolve our issues. Do NOT use them (unless you want to have your possessions destroyed and lost).

  • Gene Los

    Best Interstate Moving and Storage blew me away! Everyone knows moving sucks, so when I had to relocate for school, I was apprehensive to say the least. I received around 3 different estimates from 3 different companies and now I was beyond nervous! How do I know which mover to chose?? How did I know I wasn’t getting ripped off? After speaking with my moving coordinator at BEST and hearing about the artificial intelligence I knew this is the company I wanted to move my life long possessions across country! My belongings arrived in the same condition with great timing and I couldn’t be happier with the services BEST coordinated for me.

  • Erica Higgins

    My husband found out we needed to relocate (SOON) due to work so he made me in charge of finding a reliable moving company. I had to get three quotes to submit to my husbands employer and Best Interstate was my first call because they are ranked so highly. By the end of my first phone call I was very educated! They had all sorts of benefits that I loved like the app, the artificial intelligence videos for the inventory, and the fact that no matter what questions I had someone was always willing to answer. I had so much glass furniture items (chandelier, glass tables, ect) and that was my main concern. The guys on site did a fabulous job by crating my chandeliers!! My items new taken great care of and I LOVED that they have the full pack/unpack service so I didn’t have to do a single thing. Job well done!!!!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Thank you Erica for the feedback. It gives our company great pleasure knowing we were able to relocate you and your family while handling your prize possessions with love and care.

  • Samika Mohamed

    Ive heard a lot of horror stories about hiring movers but I just couldn’t do the move myself with all this back pain. I did a lot of research and called a lot of places but for some reason my experience on the phone was so much better with BEST than any other. I had long detailed conversations with my moving coordinator who covered pretty much everything and covered any questions I had! They called me a couple days before pick up to remind me that my move was right around the corner and I was nervous! I didn’t have all my packing done yet so I was able to add packing which was great. My team was hard working and very fast! They took great care of my belongings and explained everything to me. I have very impressed and I would highly recommend!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Samika, thank you for the feedback and it was certainly our pleasure to provide you with excellent service.

  • Katie Ere

    My dad passed away and he lived in Virginia, with my busy work schedule there was no way I could move all his belongings myself so I hired Best. They were affordable and very responsible and took great care of my dads antiques. They wrapped everything and even unwrapped. They would update me throughout my move which was very much appreciated. I am happy I came across Best.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Katie, we extend our deepest condolences to you and your family. We are happy we were able to elevate some stress and provide comfort during this tumultuous period.

  • Ryan Sums

    Best Interstate moved me from AL to NY and I couldn’t be happier with the services I was provided. From long depth conversations with my moving coordinator, artificial intelligence videos for your inventory, and customer service was awesome. Don’t get me wrong along the way there was a hiccup or two like having a 3 day pick up window and my pick up taking place the last day in that window and one box being busted open. Day of pick up was quick and easy and job well done! I was updated throughout the whole move. Delivery was also easy, not as quick as I wanted but reasonable. I’ve heard the stories and my sister even had a terrible move but Best Interstate will set up a great move for you and I would highly recommend!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Ryan, thank you for your honest feedback. We value our customer’s constructive criticism and definitely will apply towards our constant in job training.

  • J.

    As with other reviewers, I did not have a good experience with this company. Once the sales person had all my information, I was handed off to a “customer care representative”. Sales person was great att getting the business from me but once you sign the contract and send in a deposit, that’s it. It would have been professional of the sales rep to give me specific details about how long the move would take etc…

    Realize they are a broker and will have moving companies contracted by them to move your belongings. Best Price Moving (Chicago) was the company I was “assigned to”.

    I had to call every dew days to find out if my items had left their homebase of Chicago, every time, I got the same answer, we’re waiting to hear from dispatch, call back in a few days.

    Best Price Moving Company (Chicago) has some of the WORST people working in their office. Information that was given to me by the broker (Best Interstate Moving (Florida)) was incorrect according to Nancy or Mary at BPM (Best Price Moving). When I told them I was given incorrect information by the broker and disagreed with BPM, one response that I got on the phone was, “Well, I am the working here and I know what I am doing! ” So basically, you are left at their mercy because they had a truckload of all my belongings!

    Long story short, my items didn’t arrive until almost 4 weeks later. On BPM’s website, they have an option where you can “track the moving truck”. It’s not true. They will not give you any information.

    The moving truck finally arrives to my new place on the west coast. The driver and his helper are from Miami. They are contracted by BPM. The driver was great.His helper was an older man (at least in his 60’s). He worked as hard as he was able to but I stepped in because I didn’t want the gentleman passing out or dying on my property.

    All in all, a terrible experience with Best Price Moving in Chicago. I should have done more research about Best Interstate Moving being a broker. If you’re moving soon, do research first!!!! Also, they tell you the driver will call you 24 hours in advance before the day of delivery but the truth is they will call you the day before not a complete 24 hours!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi J., please allow me to extend my sincerest apologies for the manner in which your items were handled. I have not been able to locate your account in order to properly address your concerns. Please contact my Customer Care Manager at 561-220-9508. Thank you

  • Maddie Cook

    I had a amazing experience with Best Interstate Moving and Storage, I’ll try them again, so called them first and got a very competitive price (shopped around to all the other movers online and like what Best had to say the most), so booked them hassle free in 15 minutes on the phone. Great customer service, and pretty awesome employees!

    Now moving day – huge thunderstorn and they sat in the truck and waited till It stopped raining to move my items. They loaded my whole load in about three hours – carefully packing and wrapping every piece! They were professional, clean, efficient and no hassle to change your pick up dates whatsoever.

  • Lee Kumar

    BEST gave me great services. My move went pretty well, I don’t have a complaint other than my delivery taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Communication was spot on and pretty accurate. I love what BEST stands for and I highly recommend. If you asked me to rate my services on a scale from 1-10 it would be a 10!

  • Tisha Martin

    In an age where it’s go, go, go, Best Interstate Moving and Storage has the moves! From top-notch customer service to guiding you through the hectic logistics of moving to having your best interests at heart—it’s all cared for with friendliness, expert knowledge, and high quality.

    I had called for price quote, and Michael and Jason (in the FL office) were exceptional. Even after a few conversations over a few days, discussing pricing and such, both delivered exceptional customer service, which is rare these days.

    When I explained how little I had to move, they quoted me a fair price, but then I decided not to follow through, because I couldn’t justify the cost versus the few big items. I expected them to lowball me just to get me to choose their services.

    But no. Jason came back with, “That’s what I would have done, too, in your situation.” So, hat’s off to them for their kindness and honesty.

    If you are moving your family across the US or even locally, I highly recommend Best Interstate Movers! You’ll get excellent customer service, friendly folks, and a top-notch experience.

  • Jeff Kelly

    I do not recommend Best as they do not back up their promises and I would not recommend American Van Lines as they are just all around very poor. I would recommend going directly with a major mover versus using a broker like Best who can’t seem to make their contractor meet their promises. Best Interstate does not live up to their name. Once they had my money, their customer service was non-existent. They brokered my move to American Van Lines. American’s invoice looks nothing like Best, so it is impossible to reconcile. I was assured that my detailed inventory was over estimated. The sales rep said “I like to over estimate as folks are happier with us when it comes in lower”. I said okay, turns out it was underestimated by over 10%. American tried to charge me more per pound than was in my binding estimate with Best. You would think Best would have helped me out with that, but they didn’t respond to my emails or phone messages. American finally relented and said they will give me credit, but I haven’t seen it yet. When the movers showed up 4 hours late on the scheduled pickup date, no apology. They ended up taking two days to pack up my stuff. I called and emailed Best to find out why they weren’t there, they didn’t get back to me for three days. “Oh, we are very busy at this time of year”, said their customer service rep. As if that is an excuse to provide poor service. When I contacted Best about the wrong invoices from American Van Lines, they eventually told me they contact American, two days later, I got a response that I should get a new “corrected” invoice that day. Two days later, I got the same wrong invoice from American. More voice messages left with both Best and American until they finally got it fixed. Even then, then invoice was not totally correct and I had to pay the American driver more than what I owed and am still waiting on my refund. I have one piece of missing furniture that I have to file a claim for. I can only file one claim, so I need to wait until my stuff is unpacked before I file. They left a ladder behind and still no one has contacted me to arrange to pick it up. I was told by both Best and American that they knew how to ship my Sleep Number air mattress king bed, but when the movers got to it (near the end of loading the truck, they said “oh, this is an air bed, how do we move that”. I explained how to do it and asked that they keep it flat and they said they would. When they unloaded the truck, It was folded over and taped creating a fold in the structure of the bed. I asked why they did this despite my request, they just shrugged and said they needed to fit another customer on the truck. This bed went to storage, so now I need to pay for it to be moved to a location where it can be tested and pay Sleep Number to put it together and test it before I file my claim. Anyhow, if you read this far, thanks!

  • http://jennselke.com jennselke

    I have to agree with Lynmarie below – I was sucked in by good reviews and my experiences with best interstate-moving was awful. The problem starts when they use an app to estimate your weight. They then try to get to to make a quick decision to book with them by offering you $600 for a full pack. It all sounds great. When I questioned why United Movers estimate was much higher they told me their software estimates the weight and it is within 5% of the actual weight. I added 15 boxes from my work office and told them I was adding books. They said that would not be a problem. My bill was about $4000 more and the bad part was, they sent a moving company who was expecting to pack about 10,000lbs and it was about 15,000lbs. They did not have enough people, they needed to get another truck, they were carrying things out of the house without boxes and we have a lot of damage. The moving company they used was MoveOn Moving. Their truck broke down and items has to be reloaded a couple different times. BEST is great when they want to sell you something, texting, easy to reach. Need help after that and you are out of luck. Avoid best interstate-moving. Their price won’t hold up and you’ll owe the moving company that shows up more money. They underestimated our weight by about 1/3 and they are trying to tell me it is because I added items. I am not upset about the cost. Had we gone with United the price would have been the same. best interstate-moving created the problem in that the movers that showed up didn’t have what they needed to pack the house so it was packed poorly and they were at our house till 1AM. Damage resulted because BEST interstate-moving lowballed the estimate.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Ms. Selke, our records reflect you spoke with the Director of Customer Service pertaining to your concerns. If you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact Stephanie at 561-220-9508. Thank you

      • http://jennselke.com jennselke

        That is true. Sadly she offered no solution or explination as to why you are unable to accutatly estimate the load weight with your app.

  • Julie Butler

    Michael Weiss from Best Interstate planned a move for us from VA to CT using Helix Moving and Storage. Everything was on time and went smoothly. I would use them again if needed.

  • Jean Bradley

    Best Interstate movers was a great experience…very informative and sensitive to our particular needs . The guys that loaded the truck we’re especially helpful and filled everything inch of space. We moved cross country so we were very grateful to get our belongings on time. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

  • Vke

    I used Best to move from Virginia to Utah in February 2019. They contracted my move out to JK Moving Services, who did a great job. The people at Best responded quickly and found me a great mover for the exact date I needed (I was moving for a job and didn’t have any wiggle room!). I really appreciate that. On the downside, the initial rough estimate Best gave me was much less than the official estimate, which was much less than the final quote from JK. I think Best lowballed me to get my business. The final price was reasonable for a cross country move, but it was very stressful to have the price keep going up. Overall, though, the experience was fine.

  • Ben Friedman


    Here is the detailed email I sent to Best Interstate explaining my TERRIBLE experience with them and they did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.


    I don’t think there has been a full appreciation of how terrible my experience with your company has been and I feel my calm approach to all of the poor experiences I have had has jaded your view (and your companies view) of my situation. So I’m going to spell it out below (attached is a PDF version):

    1) Poor Communication: When I booked your service, you could only provide me with a 1-week window for when the movers were coming but told me you would proactively notify/call me then the dates for arrival were finalized. This never happened. I had to call you every day as the window for arrival narrowed until finally (from me having to call you), I was informed you would be coming the next day!

    2) Shady Business Practices: When the movers were moving out my things, they wanted me to sign blank contracts that were going to be filled in after the fact. There is no scenario on Earth where anyone should do this, and I refused. This led to the movers threating to walk out and not move my items. They actually physically exited my apartment and started to pack up the truck, all because I wouldn’t sign a BLANK CONTRACT!!!!! I eventually had to talk them back and gave into signing the contract because you gave me no other choice.

    3) Damaging my property: Upon moving my belongings, they broke a lamp outside my door and tried to hide/fix it using PAPER CLIPS! I can’t even make this stuff up. Below are pictures. The only reason I didn’t bring this up before is because the landlord of the building decided not to charge me. Your movers lucked out.

    4) Poor Communication: When my items were being transported to my end destination, I was told the movers were going to arrive on Tuesday, April 22nd. I had prepared my building manager for this date and made my own work preparations. But on Saturday, April 20th at 3pm, I get a call saying the movers will be arriving the next day, EASTER SUNDAY (April 21st). So instead of spending time with my family, I was waiting for the movers to come. And in true fashion, they were late for the time range they provided.

    5) Damage my property: Once my boxes were unloaded, the condition of the boxes were in rough shape to say the least. The boxes looked so bad, they probably would have arrived in better condition in the back of a broken down, open-aired, flatbed, pick-up truck. Additionally, the movers stained the back of my couch as well. See pictures below.

    6) Damage my property: Due to the truly terrible way my items were handled, my 42” LG Smart TV was broken. See pictures.

    7) Lost my items: And lastly, and worst of all, you lost my one-of-a-kind painting that I PAID YOU EXTRA to box up. You have treated this with a lackluster approach and presented me with a ridiculous “option” that doesn’t even cover the expenses already paid to move the item. WHICH YOU LOST!

    We are officially at the 20-day mark from my move. I have had to spend the time to reach out to you, instead of you reaching out to me. I have basically had to call you every other day (that’s 10 calls) to get any sort of update. Between the poor communication, shady business practices, miscoordination of times, condition of my furniture and items, and losing a very expensive item for which you have offered nothing, I have had it. I have let all of this slide because all I wanted was my painting back and I could have just moved on. But now you are slapping me in the face with what you are presenting and I feel personally offended. Above is a laundry list of egregious actions which if only one of these things happened a customer would be upset, and I have SEVEN.

  • Renee Michno

    I was referred to BIMS by another moving company when I was searching for estimates for moving my elderly parents across country. BIMS is a dispatch service that coordinates with moving companies- this keeps the normally high cost of moving, affordable!

    The representatives at BIMS were helpful and very responsive. Additionally, the inventory process was painless!

    The moving company that BIMS contracted with were AMAZING. I’m a retired military spouse & have never experienced the care and attention provided by the movers.

    I will be recommending BIMS to everyone facing a cross country move!

  • Kim Krohn

    Cesar was our diver and crew boss. He did a great job.

  • prttymn

    After extensive research, I am so glad to have found Best Interstate. From the start, it was a lovely experience. The contact people, Stephanie and her team were very responsive and understanding. The movers who packed me up in LA were prompt, and quick. I was a bit shaken when I was made to understand that because mine was a such a small shipment (less than 2000 lbs) it might take a while, but, I received my stuff within 10 days. The guys dropping off my stuff were quick and friendly. And, nothing was broken.

  • Nick Allison

    We moved from Houston to Seattle in March 2019. I was very anxious when selecting a mover that would treat our possessions with care and I can say with confidence that I ended up choosing the right company.

    Scheduling the pickup was very simple, and our driver, Troy, communicated very well with us throughout the process. He even would periodically check-in with me to provide updates on the delivery day!

    I am very satisfied that all our things were delivered in good condition and nothing was lost, especially considering that we required a shuttle due to limited access for trailers at each end of the trip. I would definitely choose Best Interstate again in the future.

  • Taylor Mather

    Best Interstate was great to work with, but at times we had some issues with communication. They were able to work with the van line they contracted to bring down our final price after our final weight came in well over estimate. During the pickup and delivery, they checked in with us to make sure the movers were there and everything was running smoothly. I would work with them again for future moves.

  • Cape Cod

    After researching several interstate moving companies – and seeing that Best Interstate Moving received glowing reviews, I called and immediately felt as though I was in excellent hands. I was impressed by Mae who walked me through the steps – as well as the amazing Tequela – who was readily accessible and guided me throughout the entire process. In fact, she truly helped relieve some of the stress of moving as she was very reassuring and on her game. The onsite team – who packed and moved my possessions were professional, helpful, and most importantly, flexible. In fact, flexibility was key, especially as my time frame had to be pushed back by a week and they were able to adapt. I highly recommend Best Interstate Moving & Storage.

  • Stephanie Calloway

    We really enjoyed our experience with BEST – the customer service reps that we spoke to were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process. We called early in our moving planning process and spoke to Sheana and Jason who were great at answering our questions and calming our concerns. Tequela followed up multiple times during the actual move to ensure that service was meeting our expectations. A HUGE shout out to Best Price Moving & Storage who handled our move – they were professional, courteous and took the time to answer all of my questions. Thank you!

  • Lance Clark

    Best Interstate Moving and Storage was excellent as an Agent on my interest for dealing with all my moving interests, They managed everything from pick-up times and packing completely through to dates and time of the delivery of my household goods.I dealt with different Agents, however I remember Mae and Jasmine, I had one issue with the movers about the delivery. The scheduled delivery got confused. Best Interstate handled the communication and in the end managed to have my household goods delivered at an earlier and more convenient time for me.

  • Chas D

    My experience with Best Interstate was great! They were professional and the move went well. They were able to move my things in a timely manner and the movers were considerate with my belongings. Sheana was great as well. She answered all my questions and helped out alot.

  • Raymond Randy

    I had a supper experience with Best Interstate Moving and Storage, I’ll try them again, so called them first and got a very competitive rate. Once booked them withinin 30 minutes on the phone. Great customer service, and pretty awesome employees!

    I had an another experience with Packing serviceinc, lnc. I called them and got a very short time booked process with affordable price.

  • Daniel Pawlowski

    My friend hired this company 2 weeks in advance to move to another state. They CONFIRMED a pickup date and told him to call 24 hours in advance for a time confirmation. Nobody would return his calls in time, and on the moving day he was told they can’t make it – BUT will keep the security deposit. After some “negotiations” he was offered HALF his security deposit back after he signs an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Needless to say this is equal to an admission of guilt. DO NOT HIRE THIS FIRM! He managed to hire another moving company for a fraction of the cost on the same day.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Mr. Pawlowski, our management team spoke with your friend in regards to his relocation. The details of your comment is completely untrue and definitely inaccurate. Due to the privacy of the customer we can not discuss the details of the account. However, our office was able to service the move within the contracted timeframe your friend signed agreeing to. Our cancellation policy is verbally advised to the customer as well it’s highlighted on the agreement. If the customer cancels the move within the cancellation period, they forfeit their deposit. Our offer to extend half of the reservation back served as a good faith gesture as your friend had forfeited the deposit, NOT admission of guilt.

      • Daniel Pawlowski

        Quite interesting reply. But based on other 1-2 star reviews on various Social Media outlets I will let potential future customers make up their own mind. Average 2.5 STAR rating – I wouldn’t trust this company with my belongings. And since you are a brokerage and DO NOT own trucks, I’m highly surprised about the business tactics that are employed… The customer has never canceled, you have failed to render contractually obligated services – that also includes a date and time. And the the security deposit is kept. Nevertheless, “a good faith” offer to return half the deposit by silencing unhappy customers really seems to be “GOOD FAITH” .

  • Anne Nygard

    Everything arrived safe and sound, and this was the most painless move I’ve ever had! Thanks so much to Jasmine and Helix Transfer for getting my furniture to my new home safely!

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Anne, thank you for entrusting Best Interstate Moving + Storage with your relocation. We wish you the very best in your future endeavours

  • Thompson Zhang

    Mike was super helpful with setting up our move across the country and he was quick to answer and questions we had and fixed any snags that occurred prior to the move. CAprelo was timely and even though there was a minor delay they were quick in informing me and staying within the delivery window.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Mr. Zhang, thank you for your feedback. We’re happy to know everything went well with your relocation. Please keep in mind our referral program that allows you to collect a $200.00 Amazon gift card for each person you refer to use our services; and it’s unlimited!!. Best wishes!!

  • MikeMikeMike

    Lots of bad stuff here. My experience was different:

    Very nice job indeed by Stephanie, Jasmine and Helix Transfer and Storage. They were efficient, responsive and always very helpful.

    It was difficult to book an elevator for moving out of my high-rise apartment, but the team at BIMS and Helix were responsive and made a big effort to get the job done on-time! The team did a great job of packing up and making sure everything was safe and secure.

    Delivery was very quick and the team was professional and efficient.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Thank you Mike for your feedback! We’re excited to know that you were pleased with the services offered by our team We trust your interaction with him was extremely colorful and pleasant. In the end we strive to leave each customer with a positive lasting impression. Mission accomplished!!

  • Mark

    These movers were incredibly unprofessional. All of my personal belongings were damaged because they decided to use my moving truck to store a bunch of equipment that had NOTHING to do with my move. They refused to move my couch that they claimed “wouldn’t fit” into my room until I called their manager threatening not to pay for it. They eventually moved it in, only proving my bluff showing how fucking lazy these people were. I will warn others of this useless service and will NEVER recommend this to anyone.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Mark, I first want to apologize for the horrific experience you had to endure during your relocation. What you have described is DEFINITELY not the behavior Best Interstate Moving + Storage condones nor tolerate. We were not able to locate your account using the pseudonym. Please contact our office directly to discuss at 561-377-3877. Thank you

  • Jamie Gerber

    Best Interstate had availability for my short term scheduling requirements. The gentlemen, truck driver, and helper were all on time. Packing and loading all the items, they were on task during the whole time and were courteous and considerate. For the items that needed moving blankets and final preparations before the move, the team quickly packaged all of the items securely. The customer service team did an excellent job monitoring the progress of the move on the day of the pack and load as well as drop off.

    As far as areas of improvement, the damaged item claim paperwork was delayed by over a month. I still have not been able to complete and submit this form. Two of my wooden pieces of furniture sustained cosmetic scratching that will require repair. I did not anticipate for my items to be damaged based on the price point of this service relative to others.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Thank you Jamie for taking the time to submit your feedback. We certainly will use this as an uptraining opportunity for the entire company. If we may be of any further assistance please contact our office at 561-377-3877. Thank you

  • disqus_QHwrLglFyi

    Best Interstate successfully moved me from the midwest to the west coast. After having previous moves go bad, I was relieved to experience such professional care. I would recommend Best Interstate Moving and Storage to anyone looking for professional service and care in their move.

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re pleased to know that you were satisfied with the services that were rendered for all parties that were involved with your relocation. Please keep in mind our referral program that allows you to receive a $200.00 Amazon gift card for each person you refer and uses our service. This is unlimited! We wish you the very BEST in your future endeavors.

  • Dave Placier

    I think a D- from the BBB says it all because of unresolved claims and a problematic pattern that they don’t address – why is the posting recommending this company let alone as the best? Think that’s the real question… they can’t check BBB themselves as part of their ‘research’?

    • Best Interstate Moving + Stora

      Hi Dave, we can state with certitude the rating on the Better Business Bureau forum does not reflect the service we nor our motor carriers provide. Please note, year to date we have serviced over 1,500 jobs. While we aim to have no complaints filed against our company, we only have a miniscule 18 total complaints; this is 0.012%. If you wish to discuss this matter further please contact our management team at 561-220-9508. Thank you

  • Sealark

    There were three parts to this move: 1) Estimate 2) Pickup 3) Delivery. Part 1 = 2 stars, Part 2 = 3 stars, Part 3 = 4 stars. Overall rating is 3 stars.
    Reason Description –
    Part 1 The estimate is incorrect and the cost is based on truck weight and additional fees that are determined at execution. My cost was 50% more than the original estimate. Grateful that I took a video inventory of my belongings that was useful for Part 3 sign off. Customer service did not call me for follow-ups and I had to call them.
    Part 2 The extra fees were not itemized in detail and I was not given information on truck weight.
    Part 3 Overall very good. Thankful that I had a video of my belongings to verify when they had unloaded all of my belongings from the truck before I signed off. There were was some damage to my belongings but nothing significant enough to warrant going through a claim process.

  • Andrew Glendening

    My experience with this service was terrible. They delayed to the last minute, went through my stuff between the departure and arrival, unwrapped padded furniture that arrived broken and scratched, boxes with up arrows arrived upside down, and anything with a metal leg was bent. My tool chest went out wrapped in plastic and arrived unwrapped with pry marks on the locks. Worst, the claims department – jael@csipros.org – just denies claims without answering question – each time waiting until the last minute.

    Very frustrating. Find a point to point mover.